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  1. Yeah Bossk was a breeze to make look good with contrast paints.
  2. An update from my side. After deciding that I wasn’t happy with the way the speeder bikes looked I stripped them and repainted them. Having some time over this weekend I also got my first two games in. What a nice game. The alternating turns are what I definitely enjoy over IGYG games such as 40K. I also managed to paint Leia and Bossk. All with contrast paints only. What do you think? Next week will see the arrival of TaunTauns and ShoreTroopers. Will post some pics once painted.
  3. Cool! how did you do the shot up wall? The half broken one. Best Bruce
  4. So I went for a rusty look on the biker. Will share pictures soon.
  5. Thank you! The white is a thinned down Apothecary White. By heart I think the ratio should be around 2:1, Medium:Apothecary White. And then applied gently thinly, not splurging as in some Games Workshop youtube tutorials. Thank you for your oppinion. I agree that contrast paints are not very wel suited for the 'flat areas' job. I decided I wasn't too happy with it and stripped the speeder bike with some Dettol. Not sure yet what colour to give the speeder bike. But I will probably stray away from the official colours.
  6. As I have my first SW Legion battle planned for next week Thursday I'm trying to get all the miniatures painted. So far I have completed three rebel units, Luke, AT-RT and two Storm Trooper units. Excluding bases and touchups I still have Darth Vader, two speeder bikes and one unit of storm troopers to paint. Did some touchups on the previous posted rebels. They look beter now. Not that happy with the bases yet tho. I think they can use a wash and a drybrush. Some WIP on the speederbikes. Quite happy how they are turning out. Still pinckering if the models need some highlighting with 'regular' paints. What do you guys think?
  7. They look great! And I also like the way you write, I can feel the enthusiasm. I am also using contrast paints and can relate to the time gain by using these paints. Keep sharing photos 🙂
  8. Thank you! Yeah the green turned out great. Way better than I expected.
  9. Hi all, Inspired by all the beautiful posts I have decided to post some of my painting pictures too. So please find below my first batch of Rebels. The rebels are painted with Citadel's contrast paints. Decided for these paints as a test and boy can I say these paints have passed the test. They need some touch up as a flaw of the paints is the pooling also creates blank spots. Other comments and feedback are more than welcome.
  10. Looks great! I especially like that the nuln oil is thinned down enough so it doesn't turn you models black.
  11. So much fun to see your progress from the first miniature to the ones you uploaded yesterday. Have you tried Citadel's (Games Workshop) Contrast Paints line? I am using it to paint my SW Legion original core set and I am loving the paints. Minimal effort and max result. Perfect for the grunt work. Keep sharing pics, enjoying them a lot.
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