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  1. Finally got around to painting a Saber tank! I got this thing the same day I got the phase 2 clones in my last post, but didnt paint it until earlier this week. The gunner is painted with the same color scheme as my other phase 2s.
  2. Got a squad of Phase 2 Clones painted recently. These boys come from the 688th Legion, which my RPG group made up to serve as the home unit for our Clone Wars campaign.
  3. I measured it at 175 mm long. Edit: the saber, that is. Not the landspeeder
  4. Great job on the army! Where'd you get the terrain? It looks really good!
  5. Got the Phase 1 Upgrade today, but weather prevented me from priming them. I'll post as soon as theyre painted, but the GAR is happy to have some new brothers joining the ranks!
  6. Yep! I posted them in a thread in the Painting subforum. Haven't posted there since putting Rex up, but I'll be coming back to it once more Republic models come out.
  7. I painted my phase 1 clones to follow the Attack of the Clones rank scheme, too (except for Rex, we only ever see him with customization), though so far I've only done troopers and Sergeants. I'm waiting for the upgrade expansion to come out so I can paint the Captain as a Captain. And I'm trying to decide whether the generic Clone Officer we're certain to eventually get should be painted as a Lieutenant or a Commander.
  8. Captain Rex is ready to join the fight!
  9. They did well as flankers with the rocket launcher on one and the ion gun on the other in my first game with them last night. But of course that's just one anecdote, and says little or nothing about how they'll perform long term.
  10. Finally got around to my second speeder! And that completes my two core sets worth of models, so here's the entire Grand Army of the Republic as it currently stands! I also played these guys to their first victory tonight, so morale is pretty high! Might grab another BARC for the alternative helmets, and really looking forward to getting Rex in a couple of weeks!
  11. Good catch! Might have to do some touch ups to fix that...
  12. I just did an all over of the armor. Nice and easy.
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