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  1. Are these based on solo play or multi-play? Standard or Expert? Which Villain?
  2. A warning to all CCG designers. You are not designing MtG, that game took years to grow its Organized Play. If you want your game to last you must cultivate your player base. And since you have no clue let me break it down for you. Your player base is made up of sheep and wolves. There are always wolves. If you let the wolves eat all the sheep you soon wont have sheep and once you are down to just wolves its not going to go well. Feed your sheep. Invest in your casual players far more than anyone else because you need your casual players to out number your competitive players at a rate of 7 to 1. Dont worry how many tier 1 players you lose in the first 3 years of the game, worry about the casual players until you have established an optimal number of them. The casual players need to bringing in more and more casual players. The Tier 1 players cannot survive without the casual players and they need a lot of them.
  3. Ultron II says "When he attacks you" (different than Ultron I, havent played him in awhile)
  4. Im not really liking the 3 counter resource cards they give 3 resources 1 per turn but cost 3 resources (2 plus the card itself) up front.
  5. Perhaps Black Widow, Sersi and Shang-Chi
  6. Hulk was the option my son thought of, I drew into Tac Team (smilar concept) Tigra also works with Vibranium.
  7. We (my son and I) have mopped the floor with Standard Ultron 2-Player, but we have had a lot of trouble beating Expert Ultron 2-Player. Last night we started recarving our teams for a 3-player match to be played later today when my brother arrives. We decided to see how well the Black Panther/Aggro deck could go solo. We each had several close solo runs. After my son went to bed I gave it 3 more tries and then I got close using Nick Fury after a lucky shuffle then with one last turn I whittled him down to 5 Health and found myself with this scenario: Stage 3B had 3 counters on it with 2 to go Ultron had 5 Health left (2 Scheme/ 4 Attack) Ready Black Panther had 3 Health left in Hero mode with 4 upgrades: Combat Training (+1 Atk) Energy Dagger (Hero Special deal 1/2 damage) Vibranium Suit (Hero Special steal 1/2 Health) Panther Claws (Hero Special 2/4 Damage) Energy Dagger (Hero Special) exhausted Avenger Mansion exhausted Helicarrier Ready The Golden City (Alter Ego Action: draw 2 cards) 2 Cards in Hand: Melee (Hero Action: cost 3 Atk 3 Dmg) Enhanced Reflexes (Exhaust for 3 Uses Energy Resource) I ended up winning can you figure out how? (note: my son pointed out 2 other possible solution)
  8. I have been playing Star Wars Destiny since it came out, but it is now time to move on and enjoy some of the other FFG products. I do not mind the delay in product, but I am deeply concerned about the most recent Holocron and the explanation behind it. I am left with no confidence in the design team. The venue I play at is a great venue and the players are all very nice albeit uber-competitive. We are one of the stores that is scheduled for a 2020 Prime Championship. I am baffled by how they can have: A card called Fateful Companions that you cannot play with C-3PO An errata that prevented C-3PO (by points) and R2-D2 from being played with fun figures like Biggs, but didnt do anything about the team they were concerned about. An explanation on the Holocron that begins by saying that there were all kinds of valid and interesting decks at Worlds but they were going to target only one of them (perhaps to make less deck options) An explanation that says they will power up some underused cards but not in a way that will bring them up to competitive standards (Can you believe they actually said that). Furthermore they arbitrarily adjusted some characters making sure that there were an equal representation of colors adjusted (it had nothing to do with power levels of cards that needed it). No other adjustment for all of the other Legendary intensive abusive decks such as Palpatine, Maul, and Kylo-Ren. Those decks may not be World Class decks but they are not fun to play against. The problem isnt that Fateful Companions was broken and needed fixing, the problem is the design team isnt smart enough to know it before they printed it. Nor were they smart enough to fix it with their first attempt. For me personally the way in which they are expanding the game does not resonate with me. I get that that is a personal thing, but I dont have a connection with the disney cartoons that is driving design. I feel bad for my venue because despite hosting a Prime Championship they will be down to 3 players. The 3 players remaining are all world class players, nice, great guys, but all of the non-uber-competitive players have left. There is something wrong with the design of the game that it doesnt promote the most important and largest group of players. A collectible game cannot survive if semi-competitive and casual players do not have hopes of winning games. If you dont focus the majority of your efforts on the majority of your players your game will not last. Finally the obvious power creep is indication that the game design is past its apex and either does not have a set of rules to keep things in balance or that they are struggling with ways to make relevant cards. Luckily for me though I have discovered several other great FFG games including LotR LCG and Marvel Champions. These games have made me a believer in fun Co-Op experiences (a type of game the board-game snob in me usually runs from).
  9. I play 2/3-player only. So far we have beaten Rhino and Klaw in Standard and Expert modes. Although we keep forgetting allies and heroes can defend for other players. We will be moving on to Ultron next. I think Leadership is the best, but oddly enough it has the lowest count of solid cards (6). The only solid cards are the 3 Allies (Maria is strong in 3-player but weak in solo) and Make the Call. I run this aspect with Iron Man who is only Thwarting. The largest problem is how little use you can get out of the Power of Leadership. The FAQ on Make the Call helps. Aggression is in the two spot for multiplayer. Nearly every card is strong. Our Black Panther player plays this aspect. The worst cards are Hulk, Tigra, and Combat Training. Our BP player heavily favors Hulk, but I think a Power of Aggression gets plenty of use. Combat Training can be stronger in another deck that attacks more. The BP players says he is primarily thwarting and defending in the middle of the game. Justice is next. We couldnt beat 3-player Expert Klaw until our Spidey Player switched to the Justice kit. Solid Card count 8 (Heroic Intuition, For Justice, Daredevil, Jessica Jones). I think Jessica is just barely above the curve and as with most cards wont be a staple as the aspect expands. Remember to play Heroic Intuition on the Hero that will be thwarting. Protection can be solid in 3-player. Remember you can defend for other players freeing them up to do what they do best. When you are playing multiplayer you want to get Combat Training (aggression aspect) on the Protection player to turn on counter-punch. Solid Card Count 10 (Armored Vest, Counter Punch, Indomitable, Luke Cage). The large problem is how bad Power of Protection is as it only plays one solid card.
  10. You are running max 6 allies and you dont want Nick or Maria in play long. Triskelion seems awful with the current pool. Power of Leadership really only fuels a few cards (Maria, Vision, Hawkeye, and Lead from the Front - note it doesnt work with Make the Call), so I would imagine it depends on how many Lead from the Front you are running. I cant see your deck list...curious as to how many cards you are running? Once I started playing Klaw/MoE on expert (2 and 3 player) I opted against 40-card deck thinning as an early extra Encounter flip gets brutal quick. Klaw and searching for MoE Villains spins the Encounter deck plenty fast enough as it is in our plays. Although my experience may be different as I have been playing Tony/Leadership so far with my group.
  11. Nice write up, but as I commented this is a matter of perspective (as most things are).
  12. Ill add that the less boost cards you draw is significant in multi-player, particularly once you encounter Klaw. You can easily spin through the deck for a 3rd shuffle if not careful. +2 Threat can be game over. Its a reason to not auto assume a 40 card deck is better than a 50 card deck.
  13. Our first play was awesome and I can see where we made some tactical mistakes. Rhino/Break-In/Bomb Scare vs 3-Player (Iron Man/Ldr + Black Panther/Agr + Spidey/Prot) Note: I did however make a small mistake forgetting to put the neutral cards in my Iron Man deck, so we will re-run this back tomorrow. The other two decks were fine. As it was, toward the end of the game we had an unresolved Breakin and Takin (a side plot adding an extra encounter card) which lead to the following 2 fairly epic parts to the game: 1) The first was predicated with Black Panther on 2 Health with the Scheme down to 1 Threat left. Black Panther flips (his first of 2 encounter cards) Ritual Sacrifice while on his Alter-Ego side. The deck was boost rich so this had a high probability of taking out T'Challa. Spidey responded with Get Behind Me. Spidey was able to exhaust and defend against the attack. 2) The next two cards were Charge (+3 atk each) with Enhanced Ivory Tusk (+1 atk) already on Rhino II. It was now Spideys encounter flip - Assault. Egads, Rhino was going to attack for 10 with no way to defend and no ally cards. Spidey had nothing in hand and was surely dead, when Black Panther reminded Spidey he had Spider-Senses which let him draw a card. He ripped Backflip off the topdeck and Rhino was left wondering what just happened. -IceHot
  14. And favorites if I were to Bring on the Bad Guys Doctor Doom Magneto Loki Xemnu the Titan Bullseye Juggs Kraven the Hunter MODOK Von Strucker Mandarin The Leader Ronan the Accuser The Wrecking Crew (which I here is either in there or on the way)
  15. Ill just make a long list of favorite Marvel Heroes.... Daredevil Moon Knight Black Bolt (Super OP but your whole team has to discard a card every time you utter a word) Iron Fist Shang-Chi Hawkeye Vision Beast Doctor Strange Colossus Storm Nightcrawler Wonder Man Black Knight Valkyrie Union Jack Nova (and if they can make Allies out of the Golden Age Liberty Legion I would be rather happy - The Patriot, Red Raven, Blue Diamond, Thin Man, Whizzer, Miss America, and Jack Frost)
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