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  1. Nice concept. The card does seem like a better fit for Jessica. As you point out, looking at deck density and operational plan are important. I would like to have a deck density of more than 1 per hand-size which is part of the Hulk problem. Too many of Hulk and She-Hulks cards are not attacks. Only 2 of Hulks 15 signature cards are attacks. The only other attack cards in his stock deck are Drop Kick and Toe-to-Toe. The Operational Plan is also important Ms Marvel Bio-Kinetic Polymer Suit is amazing not only because of the 1-cost and high deck density of events, but also because playing an event every turn is exactly the operational plan. With solo Hulk you have too many turns where playing the Thwart card is a more time essential play.
  2. How does Rapid Response work with Luke Cage and War Machine (Toughness)...do they come in with Toughness and 1 Damage or No Damage and No Toughness?
  3. Yes you can defend if you are not exhausted or choose a ready ally to defend for you.
  4. I like Spider-Man and Ms Marvel in Justice (sharing a deck). Spider-Man: has good defense and resource generation. His Swinging Kick is usually sufficient to beat the villain, so pairing him with Justice to mitigate his low THW while he stun/confuse locks the enemy is usually a solid plan for me. For old shell head (Iron Man), I prefer Leadership. Low cost allies are a good way to manage early threat while you stay in alter-ego a few extra turns to get the suit half assembled. Flip once to mitigate threat and chump block, then flip back to get the suit mostly finished. One final flip back and enjoy the power of the fully assembled battlestation. In multi-player I find that Thor really shines with Moment of Triumph. His Hammer Throw for 8 with overkill on a minion with one health left is amazing. Team -Building Exercise also works well with Vakyrie, Hall of Heroes, Jarnbjorn, and the rest of his deck. I play Black Panther with the Justice half of my Black Widow deck. I just take out the spy specific cards and replace them with Foiled. Black Panther likes to flip to Alter Ego plenty once he finds the Golden City that is when Foiled really shines (even worth a hand hold on occasions). Just consider how good For Justice! is 4 THW for 3 cards. 2 or 3 THW for 1 card is even better.
  5. Shutdown the forums that sucks. This is actually a good community and a place to get rules questions answered. I am not sure where to go or if I should even bother. The Facebook group is complete trash. Where to Go?
  6. Foiled is also a really good card (I prefer it over Great Responsibility) against Rhino. Risky Business is perhaps the easiest, but that is because there is a trick you can exploit. Dont flip Norman until you are Ready. If you try to take Risky Business head on you will lose just as easily as losing to Rhino. Mutagen Formula on the other hand is probably the hardest scenario in Solo (Pre-RotR).
  7. I think the best part of Ms Marvel is that she has a really high recovery and is built to flip every turn...she has my best win rate in solo play.
  8. Best 5 Heroes Hero Cards Worst 5 Heroes Hero Cards Ant-Man (Army of Ants) Hulk (Banners Lab) Black Widow (Covert Ops) Thor (For Asgard) Dr. Strange (Cloak of Levitation) She-Hulk (SLD) Ms. Marvel (Aamir Khan) Captain Marvel (CM Helmet) Spider-Woman (Pheromones) Hawkeye - not bad just avg precon deck (Mockingbird - all his cards are good) Aspect Allies Event Upgrade Support Justice Daredevil For Justice! Counterintelligence Beat Cop Protection Iron Fist Muster Courage Energy Barrier Night Nurse Leadership Maria Hill Teamwork Rapid Response Team Training Aggression Valkyrie Moment of Triumph Combat Training Tac Team Basic Mockingbird Swarm Tactics Sorcer Supreme T-B Exercises
  9. Heroes I would like to see (because I think they could do interesting things with them) Moon Knight Daredevil Nightcrawler Storm Luke Cage Madrox Sage Jack of Hearts Invisible Woman Captain Britain Vision Wonder Man
  10. Overkill will work because it defeats the minion first and then excess damage is applied to the villain. -Caleb https://hallofheroeslcg.com/official-ffg-rulings/#ultron
  11. Thor and Hulk are ultra-challenging and even more challenging if you play solo-stock that doesnt make them no good. Thor can definitely shine if you add some cards from the Ant-Man pack namely Moment of Triumph and Team Building Exercises. As for my recommended starting points... Core Set and Red Skull are great gets to keep you entertained. Grab any two heroes that appeal to you. Ms Marvel is tremendously fun to play and very strong when you mate her up with the Justice Aspect. Black Widow and Dr. Strange can be fun and super strong but I wouldnt enjoy them as much without having played the game a lot with the other characters first. Ant-Man in my opinion is super fun. And also dont underestimate the Green Goblin scenario pack. The first is less challenging once you unlock the secret but still a lot of fun giving you a chance to feel your heroes potential. The other one is possibly the hardest scenario in the game, and even more so if you play solo.
  12. I think it is smart for them to make Venom as he definitely has an appeal. That appeal just isnt for me personally. Perhaps I am just too influenced by his Pre-Maximum Carnage stuff as well as his Mac Gargan run. From the limited stuff I have seen of him... He is filled with bloodlust. He needs a villain more awful then himself to be a hero. He is psychologically abusive to his host. He is the key feature on the Assault card with quote "Die!" I prefer his role as a villain. We all have are personal tastes these are just mine. I also am less or uninterested in Hero versions of... Deadpool - Humorous but uninteresting to me as a hero. Punisher - A hero who I enjoy much more as a story element then a feature hero or as a Marvel Knight. Ghost Rider - the whole Spirit of Vegence thing plays out pretty quickly for me. Those 3 at some point need to be Heroes as well they just wont be ones that I sleeve up. Although the later two I really hope we get as allies. As for Nebula somebody is really going to have to explain that to me beyond an MCU plot necessitated redemption arc.
  13. I would like Photon/Pulsar or Sersi In addition there are some reasonably good go-to's for West Coast Avengers... Mockingbird Tigra Some of the other mid-minor characters Jocasta Jessica Jones Mantis Moondragon Also Avengers Academy (and that one from the GLA)
  14. She does if they lean into the Defenders (a reason to tie-in the Squadron Supreme - Nighthawk). My Understanding with the Hood (he was most relevant post-Civil War/Secret Invasion with the Initiative/HAMMER and Dark Reign)
  15. or the far left field option Squadron Supreme.
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