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  1. As the Pirate Queen dropped to the floor unconscious with the Inquisitor standing over her, then hearing he was keeping her alive. There was the briefest of moments where Adjustments Agent Valecien Kaan, felt compelled to make good on his assassination mandate and bring his Vibro-Cutlass down through her skull. Only the most observant would notice the slight twitch in his body as the urge was squashed. Perhaps this may be better if more information could be obtained from her, but if the Inquisitor decided not to dispatch her, he would do it himself. One way or another. His eyes were trained on the unconscious body, before they flicked up to the Zabrak, watching him intently. "I trust she's in good hands?" He said, his voice smooth and strong. Like good liquor. He didnt wait for a response. He turned and walked down the ramp, just as the Baroness walked past him. He gave her a sly smile a wink.
  2. Fine by me. It has stalled somewhat, and at this point the boarding party probably have little chance to change much. One point of interest would be how relations with the Baroness go forward from here. It seems plausible that another weed would potentially take the place of the ine just uprooted. Val would probably have the opinion of nipping it in the bud. If you get my drift. *twirls cutlass*
  3. Would the Prometheus be able to extract the ground team from this location or would we have to move to the drop off point with the Ranger. Second in a pinch, what measure would the Prometheus have to grabbing people in an emergency. Like a ladder type deal. Thinking of Starwars: Solo when Han talked his way into the ship and they dropped the ladder for him.
  4. Yep, I ran a one shot recently that required my players to all roll a d20, and they were given a character depending on the roll. (I had 20 prepped) One player gets a Wookiee, I then inform him he understands basic, but can only speak Shryiiwook, and the rest of the party don't understand it. It made for a comedic and fun game, with him making Wookiee noises and moaning in frustration when they didnt understand his hand waving and frantic gestures! XD
  5. "Good work" He says with a nod to the Chagrian. "Anyone else hurt or missing?" He says glancing around. Counting the group. Then kneels next to Breshenal, swinging his rifle over his shoulder. "How would you like to proceed? Want to stay? Or do you want to leave?" The Shistavanen looked at him intently, if there was any bad blood the day prior. It was old news now, as far as Rakan was concerned, in light of the current situation. "If the creature returns and we can't take it down. I may have to call for emergency extraction."
  6. Rakan chases and fire at the creature. The bolt hit but seemingly didnt have much effect. He stopped, watched it continue further into the forest and shot once more, the bolts sizzling through its head. Nothing. He stood there for a moment, perturbed and confused, and unsure of what to do next. "Sorotai," He said as she reached him. "Fall back to camp.." Reaching camp, he made his way to the Doc and Breshenal again, to see how he was doing, then touched base with Shapris.
  7. Alrighty. Rakan is gonna head back to camp and inform Sorotai to do so as well.
  8. Alright, let's try again. Oooerrr. got a nasty feeling. http://: 3eA+1eB+1eD+1eC 1 success, 1 threat Pew Pew! Come and eat my tickle gun!
  9. Why do I get the feeling this will be like the Han and Chewie moment on the death star when they are chasing the Stormtroopers....
  10. Rakan tries to fire again, but the rifle had overheated. kriff. Need to get this thing sorted. Without missing a beat he took off towards the creature following Sorotai. "Blaster!" He shouted as he ran past the others and snatching one out of the air as it was thrown he opened up with a flurry of shots at the creature. With the fog whipping up again, he wasn't sure he wanted to hunt through it. But he'd give chase for just a little while, in case it was close to being downed. "Just a little farther then we'll break off back to camp, Sorotai."
  11. Ok great, I'll do that. I'll shoot if medium range reaches. I do have a blaster already but it's short range. Which now that I think about it was a stupid thing to grab. I'm assuming someone handed me a pistol. http://: 3eA+1eD+1eC 1 success, 1 threat Not sure what damage that does. But heyo.
  12. Ok. I follow Sorotai as far as I can, how far does 2 maneuvers get me. And request a blaster off of someone on the way.
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