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  1. I also just bought into this game as well, I couldn't resist this sale. (Im more into Imperial Assault and Armada but I just couldn't bring myself to buy into Legion and I didn't care for them going into the clone wars direction and dividing the eras, but I digress) I like the art of these minis. (not a fan of warhammer, I feel their art is illogical, hard to explain) I agree these definitely have a more warcrafty look to them. I am using them to start learning to paint my minis and I wanted to get into a rank and file game system so this seems like a good choice. I already picked up the official play maps (man, they are hard to find in stock).
  2. so just wanted to make sure I am interpreting this rule corrrectly in the rules for companions: • When a companion is put into play under a player’s control, if that companion was already in play under that player’s control, it is removed from the map first. this is basically a companion respawn/reset correct? if the companion exists on the map elsewhere, you can respawn the companion removing the previous version as long as your spending whatever prerequisite of that heroes skill? like when Jarrod spends strain for Jax? I assume this effectively respawns/resets them with full health correct? ah sorry, realized I posted this in the wrong sub forum...
  3. I use the Gothsonika box oragnizers and I really reccommend them, I'm sure some of the other ones are good too. I can breakdown a previous map and setup a new map, soup to nuts, in about 5-10 minutes depending on the size of map of course. They are a time saver once you know the system of tile location. Rebels are usually still arguing over which gear they are buying when I am done...
  4. doesn't have to be free, I'd gladly pay for it like I did with the dice app, which is much more frivolous. and that is what I don't get; the legends app is free and they put a lot of time in it which is appreciated... it just leaves my head scratching why they didn't offer us a tracker app for sale or free. my only hunch of no more regular campaigns is piracy, possibly too many people are playing without actually buying the campaigns? so they want to force people to use the app which is more under their control?
  5. sigh, i still see a lot of potential in this type of game. While I like having an app, I really don't like they are focusing exclusively on some strange 4 player coop no imperial player mode and leaving the traditional campaign in the dust. Plus I don't understand why we don't have a character and campaign tracker as an official app either. shouldn't that be a priority first? they question why people don't play the traditional campaign but they don't give us the tools to make it easier.... yes I am aware of 3rd party tools/spreadsheets but really FFG should give us something better. Anyways, I would like to see a "Saga" mode that combines the campaigns (2 - all) in one super campaign aka "Saga" with additional saga goals. potential saga rewards in crates etc. so many possibilities here to enhance the campaigns we already have....
  6. If so, which era setting would you like to see? Rogue One Scarif tropical? Endor forest? Degobah swamp? anything else? Death star/capital ship maps maybe?
  7. getting some strange anomolies with side missions lately. the top right of box has a red triangle like there is an error or something? any ideas? i tried playing around and resetting the side mission deck in the sheet but it didn't alleviate the issue...
  8. well, Jabba was much more mobile in the early days remember when he visited Han by the Falcon in the deleted/re-added scene? (lol remember human Jabba?)
  9. haha, that final battle scene with the turret. Had some e-web engineer flashbacks, lol
  10. thanks, for some reason I thought resting only gave back half strain. I will start planning to rest more often, I think.
  11. yea, I think the two starting heroes we picked just are not good at strain management since they throw a lot of reds. I probably need to rethink the weapons I have equipped. more yellow dice maybe? Now, I feel like with 2 players I never can get an opportunity to rest since the objectives generally require you to run pretty far distances. I think the 2 player legendary bonus needs work imho. the extra health and activations are nice, but they don't quite cut it since the empire can focus fire 2 heroes easier then 4. maybe Though, I just need more experience under my belt... love the challenge though!
  12. Any tips on getting strain back, seems like I am always out of it when playing the rebels! Playing a 2 player core campaign game with my son with 2 hero party Jyn and Ghark Legendary vs Imperial with the storm trooper speciality and default core campaign agenda cards. Its basically our 1st campaign playthrough. We are swapping sides each mission so we can learn both sides. We are a little over halfway through campaign with 4 empire wins and 2 rebel wins. Rebels just seem to get overwhelmed now with strong stormtroopers and not enough strain to mitigate the damage. Rebels did earn a spectre ally (Sabine) but not sure if she is really helping since the extra starting threat the imperials get for ally seems more useful. Kinda wish the legendary bonus gave back some strain regen or something. seems like a big limitation 2 hero party vs 4 hero party that has a bigger strain pool.
  13. I checked the sticky but didn't find anything, is there any good skirmish guides for noobs? I am mainly a campaign player, but i would like to learn skirmish.
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