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  1. "Hear All, Hear All! The KDY administrative apartment has concluded... that Raider-Class Corvettes shall cost 1,000 Credits!"
  2. You need a smoke machine or something for extra atmosphere
  3. dat raider is a tenth of it's normal price.....
  4. One last thing, the health value of the clone commandos could vary: -Mk I: Takes a Verpine to get through -MkII: Can take a grenade full force, also can take a Verpine -MkIII: Walking tank
  5. Oh, they better get fierfeking clone commandos.... or else I'm going to stick my osik up their butthole..... EDIT: I'm sorry: Up their shebs
  6. Srry, the 1.4FD looked 3-D printed
  7. Cool, but why do I see a kriffing 3-D printed Turret unit thingy......argh, nvm.
  8. Pretty dank. Why does it look like units would be able to move into the buildings? I see a bunch of little doors...
  9. ok, no offense, but would it not be easier to email one another?
  10. I guess this threat is all water under the bridge....
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