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  1. Sorry, fairly new. With this new resupply on the way, where is best place to watch online to try and order as soon as available...FFG store, miniature market? Do not want to miss the ISD and raider since eBay is so marked up (to a shameful level imho) thanks!
  2. Sorry, updated my original post...not much to offer though as I am new
  3. Would really love to find the following: Imperial Class Star Destroyer Imperial Light Cruiser Raider Do not have much to trade as I am just getting started: Chimera box Hammerhead box Profundity Box Maybe willing to part with Imperial Fighter Squadron Pack 1 thanks!!
  4. I might be able to get an Imperial fighter pack 1 for you
  5. Thanks all, really appreciate the advice.
  6. I am just getting started and have the following items: Rebels: CR90 from starter Neb B from starter X-wing squadron from starter MC75 Profundity Starhawk on preorder Empire: Victory class Star destroyer from starter Tie squadron from starter Gladiator Chimera Star Destroyer If I were to add a ship or two for each faction, what should I get next? So far the theme for all my buys after the starter are 100 percent appearance based. A lot of the items I considered buying, like standard ISD or imperial light cruiser or raider, have been out of stock a long time. Quite frustrating. Thanks!
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