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  1. Did they say anything about additional Mandolarian expansions? I was convinced I read something in Facebook about this about further Mando units, but didn't hear anything when I listened in YouTube.
  2. The first Legion minis I brought was scouts. I was building on a budget, so two units in one box seemed like a good way to begin. I’ve actually got more use out of the full scout unit, as I tend to place my snipers in really stupid places. I tend to slap recon intel and duck & cover on them, and I stick to just the four bodies. They will melt if you let your opponent get a bead on them. But they made a sneaky turn 1 grab on an objective in one game, thanks to the boosted scout move from recon intel. In a short range firefight I think their black dice could be handy as backpack to another unit.
  3. I played my 6th game of Legion yesterday. Had a great time watching my opponent annihilate my gun line with Operative Vader and then detonate his Palpatine bomb. It was actually a surprisingly close game, because we were playing sabotage/repair the vaporators. If I'd been a bit more careful with Boba, then I could have got some wounds off a third one one and probably won. Loads of stupid things I did wrong, as usual. For example, I chose to ignore Vader, as he approached in the open, and tried to shoot my opponent's eweb, storm troopers and snipers that were all in heavy cover. Dumb. Got overly fixated. EWEB. MUST. DIE!!! Anyway, to the point of the post. I picked up another box of snow troopers in the store, because I like to spend something when I've used their facilities. Then I "accidentally" won an eBay auction for Bossk...This leaves me with a fun sounding list that I thought I might try out. To whit: generic officer, Boba Fett & Bossk, 2 x shore troopers, 2 x mortars & 2 x snow troopers. I'd probably put improvised orders & electrobinoculars on the officer. The shores would have comms officers (need another specialist box, dammit) with hq uplink & targetters and the snows would be armed with a flamer & frag grenades. Using all 6 of the bounty hunters' cards leaves me with very little order control, but a lot of fun options. I've tried to minimise the lack of order control by only having corps choices outside of Double Trouble & the officer. With improvised orders I'd at least have a chance to ditch an unfavourable random order up to twice a turn (by recovering with the officer). Googling around, double bounty hunter seems to have been de rigeur once-upon-a-battlefield with it long having fallen out of favour. Does anyone have any tips for running such a list? Better options for the accompanying corps choices? One thing I could do is ditch the additional snow troopers in their squads and try to swap the generic officer out for Veers, after losing some upgrades (like hunter & recon intel on the hunters), but I'm not sure he's worth it if I'm not using any of his cards. I've not got the hang of setting up Boba's plays the turn before, so it might be overly ambitious to add in Bossk who really wants to go last/first as much as possible. On the other hand, two bounty tokens up for grabs sounds fun! Can they both go on the same target? Can the same bunter claim both? (whether on one target or two?) Am I just barking up the wrong tree? I'll probably go on to ignore all the good advice telling me to stick to a list that's simpler & I've had some practise with for a while. But there's a local tournament in March & I might just give Double Trouble a 3 game airing. How badly could it go? Cheers, A
  4. Was anything mentioned, or pics shown, for Clan Wren & Inferno Squad? All I've read is that they were also confirmed. For anyone that has played both Republic & Empire. Do they play very differently to each other? I love the idea of ARC troopers jumping around & bouncing between cover. I'm considering a second force & would rather have one with a different feel.
  5. Your dewbacks are lovely, I'm so jealous. I've been struggling to get a finish I like. How did you paint them? Drybrushing? Washes?
  6. Love the dewback, really should finish mine.
  7. Your dioramas are great, they're little snapshots of the action.
  8. I think they look great. I really like the aliens and their different skin colours.
  9. Your feedback is glorious! I've been painting a similar amount of time and can't hold a candle to you. I'm very jealous.
  10. I'm a new player, so take what I say with a pinch of salt, but I used Boba recently and he's awesome! I love his manoeuvability and the flexibility he gets from his command cards. If I was a better player he could have won me a game with recover the supplies (I messed up deployment and box recovery order). In that game he tanked an entire droid army's fire power for a round and only suffered 2 wounds! The dice were red hot, though. I haven't got the best out of his command cards yet. This is largely because of poor positioning and learning to setup the play the turn before on my part. I did immobilise Vader for a turn when he was about to totally Vaderise a squad. That was fun I've been on the receiving end of Bossk and will happily pick him up myself at some point. He got used as a wicked sniper against me. Climbed up a nice tall tower with a great view of the battlefield. Then used a command card that got I'm an aim for every unit that activated (?). Gave him a really accurate shot that eliminated exactly what my opponent wanted dead.
  11. Thanks; it worked out really nicely with Boba. I'm tempted to get another copy of him to paint in his movie scheme, because I had so much fun painting him. Or I could wait and hope for a commander Boba for a scum & villainy faction... For my second game of the tournament I completely forgot to take any pictures, which is a shame because it was against the son of my first opponent and he had a lovely bright dewback and AT-ST (his Dad went on to win best painted support unit for the dewback). We were on the same table as before, with battle lines and I was even on the same board edge! (Scurrilous rumours that I couldn't be bothered to carry everything around the table to be on the other edge may or may not be true.) Our mission this time was key positions with hostile conditions (which did nothing; every unit that took suppression was on an objective). You can see the objectives in the previous post. One was on the big building in the bottom right of the first photo, the second was on the radio tower in the middle, and the third was on the tower in the top left of the third photo. Things started well; I didn't mess up my first turn command card and deployment was OK. My opponent had some scout snipers climb onto the tower with the objective with one slipping and falling. Hah! I splatted the other with a mortar, because tall objective+sniper=dead minis. His dewback then came charging across the open ground directly towards my shore troopers. My choice here was either to shoot at something else, or hope I got to activate before the dewback got into my lines. So I shot him. After that there was a bit of back-and-forth. I was winning at one point because although my opponent reclaimed the tower objective and had the other two. Then the AT-ST started stomping on things and Vader arrived at the bottom right objective...It ended up a draw, with me winning on points. What I should have done: ignored the AT-ST completely, or concentrated on it. Instead I wasted Boba's 3 pip and then plinked away at it every so often. I should also have put Boba on my left flank. He would have had free rein to rampage around near the tower objective, as there was a 4-man storm trooper squad and some shore troopers that could have claimed it. It turned out to be the storm troopers and I reckon Boba's 2 pip would have seen for them. I think my opponent would have still backed up Vader with the shore troopers on my right flank. I pretty much ignored Vader and that worked out OK. I had three units that could claim the bottom right objective and by the time he got to them there wasn't enough time to off all of them. In fact, the reason why I won is that he only killed 4 out of 5 death troopers! My third game of the tournament was against its organiser, who was playing droids. He had 6 squads of B1's, with various weapon upgrades (I think), 3 squads of droidekas and General Grievous. Once again we ended up with battle lines, this time with rapid reinforcements and recover the supplies. I was very pleased about this because it meant I was going to get to use Boba to bounce around and knick things Here's a photo from near the end of the game: This is the centre of the field at the beginning of the final turn. My two squads of shore troopers had offered support to Boba, who jumped forward to grab the supplies from the little round thing at the top of the photo. They teamed up to eliminate droidekas with the aid of lots of aim tokens. Boba then jumped over to the big tall green thing and grabbed the central box before jumping back towards the little ruins that General G is by here. The scouts on the bottom right had grabbed a third box that I actually placed out of the frame here, before moving over to support everybody else. I'd put my death troopers and snow troopers for rapid reinforcement. This got my death troopers in the top of a tower with brilliant lines of sight. Sadly my red defence dice let me down and they died veyr quickly. The snow troopers tied up General G for a turn before they got thoroughly minced. Over the course of the previous turn the law of averages played out; the horrendous dice luck I had in my first game was made up for by Boba tanking the entire droid army's shooting and only suffering 3 wounds! He had a massive pile of suppression tokens that I then managed to shed enough of to avoid panic and give him an action...Which he used to jump into the building in his next turn. The whole game was going to come down to whether General G could reach him or not: He could. One attack later and I needed to save against two wounds. Thanks to Boba's Mandalorian armour I got to roll an extra couple of defence dice, and if last turn's luck held up he'd probably survive. Here's his defence roll: One measly block! Which was pierced! He died, dropped the boxes and gave my opponent the victory! I enjoyed this game most of all. Even though I was tired, I felt like I was starting to get the hang of planning my actions ahead by a turn or two and how to get things going my way. There are still things I'd do differently. I should have deployed Boba further over to my left and gone for the central box first. Then bounced sideways away from the entire droid army and got the one by the little round thing. My opponent generously thinks this would have won me the game, I think there are too many variables to know for sure. I should also have only put my snow troopers as rapid reinforcements. This would have allowed me to use my death trooper's comms relay to kick off my shore's order chain and meant that I had another unit firing at droidekas in my first turn. This was the second game in a row that Krennic got squished. I need to protect him better. My current plan is to try out General Veers instead, who I think will suit my playstyle better. I've never actually used Krennic's compel and I struggle with his 3 pip. So I've got Veers on order (hopefully arriving today) and also ordered a Skullforge mini to use instead of the actual one, which is the only Legion mini I don't like (and why I didn't get him to start with). Thanks to a convenient birthday, I also have an e-web, which I plan to try out along with Veers whenever my next game is. My current plan is to use Veers' 1 & 3 pip with Boba's1 & 2 pip and coordinated fire.
  12. The tournament I mentioned above was 3 Swiss rounds using 800 points. It was really fun and everyone was very welcoming and fun to play against. Of the 12 of us, it was the first tournament for three of us and one of the others had also only played twice. Wargames Workshop is a great store with loads of playing space; there was a >40 person Destiny tournament on at the same time. Initially the Legion tournaments started out as bi-monthly, but they got so popular that they're now going to be monthly! I hope to get along every couple of months. The 800 point events are going to be interspersed with 500 point skirmish and 1600 point grand army ones. My army was led by Krennic (with strict orders), who was ably backed up by Boba Fett. I had two full squads of shore troopers with targetters & the attached mortars, my brand new HE/ET troopers with flamer and frag grenades, death troopers with DLT & comms relay (for turns when I used one of Boba's command cards to kick of the order chain) and some scouts. I'm not keen on Krennic 3 pip card, so I took Coordinated Fire instead, his 1 & 2 pip and all of Boba's. Can't remember the condition cards, etc, oops. My first game was against a bunch of rebel scum. My opponent was a real gent and very generous with his advice. I learnt a lot, although I tried to stick to my bad choices because I'm stubborn We were playing breakthrough with battle lines and limited visibility. Thanks to an overwhelming brain fart I deployed incredibly badly (in cover instead of prepared to move into it) and then played Boba's 3 pip. Which I couldn't use because of limited visibility, grrrr. Here's some time in the first turn: Two units of taun tauns rushing towards me was scary; I'd read all about them! My opponent had Han & Chewie in the middle and I, belatedly, put Bobas bounty on Chewie. Boba's been bouncing around, and I can't remember what I was doing with those death troopers...Some time later this is how things looked: My shore troopers have moved up into cover to try and put those revels off. One squad of tauns had turned towards the centre and the second, out of shot, has continued towards my right flank. Can't remember what was going on over there. But by the end of the next turn: I'd successfully dealt with one unit of taun tauns, meanwhile two squads of some sort of rebels and some fleet troopers had charged down my left flank. They wiped out one unit of shore troopers and at this point there was basically nothing opposing them. They would rampage around a bit. This was one of the incidents where my opponent's advice was brilliant! He explained about how to wipe those tauns out, basically by counting on my snows getting to active before them. It worked out and they got blown to bits by frag grenades This is after their annihilation: We had another interesting discussion here about what to do. Basically, there was nothing I could do to stop the rebel units on my left making it to my deployment zone. But I could try and kill Chewie! By targeting him with my snows and Krennic, I was able to kill him with Boba and claim the bounty! I would have got the activations in the wrong order, so thanks to my opponent I at least got to claim a moral victory! I basically lost this game with terrible deployment and screwing up my first turn command card. After that there wasn't much I could have done. I should have put my snows and Boba over on the right flank, to kill off the rebels, as their combined flamer attacks would have been brilliant. I also placed Krennic badly, because he couldn't get orders to where they mattered and my shores/mortars were too far apart for order chaining. I also had some pretty hideous dice luck and made very few red defence dice saves. Great fun though! More to follow on my next couple of games.
  13. It seems like its been two and a half months since I looked at the painting section and checking the date of my last post I see it could well be! I don't know why because I look at the rest of the fora regularly. However, my paintbrush has not been idle! Whilst my duet of dewbacks are not yet complete (the truth is that I'm a little unhappy with them and thinking of starting again), and the speederbikes aren't done either, I have managed to crank out some more reinforcements. Firstly, I finished my second squad of shoretroopers: Here they are guarding some of my favourite Star Wars novels (which are also some of the few the survived the Purge when I moved house 5 years ago. Throw away/donate to charity in haste and repent at leisure). They're basically the same as the first squad except I painted a blue stripe on their helmets. This is because when I held up the first one I declared finished next to his counterpart from the first squad it was really hard to tell them apart. The stripe is a really easy way to differentiate them on the table top, because from the visage of my 6'3" frame, all I can see is the top of their heads If I get a 3rd squad, the outer two sections on the top of the helmet will be blue and the hypothetical (who am I kidding I wanna a play a grand army game...) 4th squad will be all blue. The next two expansions were purchasedt because I decided to enter a tournament! My first ever! At the great Wargames Workshop in Milton Keynes. Its an hour away and I wish it was closer. Whilst I had no illusions of winning, it seemed like a great way to get three games in on one day against diverse opponents. More in next post because I took pictures.. Anyway, I realised I "needed" a squad of snow troopers for the tournament and I also "needed" one of the command cards from the specialists box. So they arrived quite suddenly as if someone had ordered them oneline. Then I ended up off work with a bad back (I had no idea something could hurt that badly with no obvious injury) and got everything painted lickety split when I could sit upright. Priority supplies promptly turned up because I "needed" some of the condition cards "for the tournament." Here's my snow troopers, re-christened as HE/ET troops (Hostile Environment/Extreme Temperature): I wanted a coherent scheme across the force and so I used the same paints in the same ways. I noticed a real difference in the ease of assembly with respect to the more recent releases, but I still really liked the minis and had a ball painting them. One blaster guy has got his right arm not quite in, which you can't tell, and I didn't quite manage to get the flamer guy's right in either, so there's a slight mismatch between the parts of the flamer. Probably because I stuck all the arms on after assembly and i was feeling cautious when it came to applying force because of the contrast paints. And here's the specialists: I haven't used any of these guys yet, although I probably will soon. I really like the officer and I'm toying with using her as commander to get me an extra activation. I think I could probably squeeze in a sniper team with her if I try hard. Will put tournament pictures up in a separate post.
  14. I'm a new player (5 games so far, the latest three on Sunday at a relaxed local tournament) who accidentally hit upon the Krennic+Death troopers+Shore troopers combo by buying the models that I liked the most. For all their advocated strength, skill, tactics and experience really matter. I know this because so far I have none of them and I keep losing horribly Having great fun, though. I need to remember to keep my death troopers, shore troopers and mortars near each other at deployment. That and protect Krennic, because he's very squishy. When I get this right, things go well. When I get it wrong the synergies don't kick in and everything dies. The greatest errors I need to work on are my activation order and deployment. My final opponent on Sunday reckoned I'd have won just my changing the order I retrieved the objectives in, and I think deploying differently would have been a part of this. I also think he was being generous
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