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  1. Just need a hard plastic jedi now. (Gently whispers Kit Fisto)
  2. Just do the Old Republic core set.
  3. I always prefer official products. And what I meant by role play, is that I would prefer a Generic Jedi Joe Doe to play on a DiY campaign, vs a friend, instead of having obi wan in every single skirmish. I'm well aware that this is a miniature wargame.
  4. My question was not taking into account tournaments perspective, just the roleplaying one. Which is why I found Dardura question of what I want to get from this topic a bit off. Dont want anything besides information on what I asked, which already has been provided. Yodhrin is spot on.
  5. Is there a possibility of this happening? As much as I like Obi Wan, having the ability to make my own Jedi would be pretty cool, Clone Wars are the perfect setting for it. Was anything discussed or hinted about this?
  6. As a new member of this wonderfull community, I was suprised when I found out the Clones were made of PVC. I prefer hard plastic because my clone weapons are all bent! Mildly annoying.
  7. Can you expand on force push? For example pushing a unit out of an objective?
  8. Hello! I have recently bought the Clone Wars starter set, and I'm wondering what kind of list I can make for a clone army. I'm still learning the rules, so any advice is more than welcome! Edit: should have added for a 500 skirmish list!
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