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  1. Maya’s hands gripped the edges of the consoles tightly, running the words back through her head. Of course they had a kriffing bomb. It took her a moment as the words came over the com link to realize what was being asked of her. Her response was shaky at best. “I... don’t know. It might just blow up.” After her failure with the Cloakshapes, she wasn’t even sure she had the expertise. She was an engineer and a mechanic, not some EOD technician. Still, there wasn’t much chance that either side was going to surrender, and she remembered what it had felt like the last time a Kyr’tsad bomb had went off in her vicinity. She had to try. She rerouted the communication jammer to scan for any other outgoing signals. There were several, but as she began to scan them, she became more confident. She couldn’t risk getting the wrong signal, and between the various comlinks, ship signals, and other electronics, she needed to be absolutely sure she had the right one before she re-calibrated the ships jammer to match the frequency of the dead mans switch. ”I can do it. I just need a bit more time!”
  2. Eh, neck is still bothering me but I’m sure I’ll be fine.
  3. Going to in a moment. Had to make it in an X-ray after work but I’m writing it up now in the waiting room
  4. Copy bomb signal please don’t blow us all up.: 1eP+4eA+1eC+2eD+1eS 3 successes, 2 threat
  5. Could I make a knowledge check to identify the type of bomb and get a boost or reduce the difficulty?
  6. These blanks, I swear Fear: 2eA+1eB+3eD 0 successes, 1 threat
  7. Can I argue for it to be a cool check for the fear, since this isn’t her first run in with the Death Watch and their tactics? Especially the bomb part?
  8. I’d definitely like to go through the process of trying, though we should probably feign a stand down in the mean time at the very least.
  9. I think you forgot to add the 2 setback the b1’s get from their defensive position, unless you canceled them out somehow.
  10. Also, how many droids are there per minion group at the moment?
  11. “Nice shooting Kara,” Maya said as the two Cloakshapes went down. She scolded herself for failing to hack them in time, but considering the circumstances it wasn’t that important who brought them down. She checked up on her jamming signal on the communications array and was surprised they hadn’t tried to take it down yet. Running a scan confirmed her suspicions that the building wasn’t empty, so it concerned her that they hadn’t attempted to override the jam in some way. ”Alright Ori’ramikad,” she started, broadcasting over their comms. “Got additional contacts in the Comms Array, Warehouse, and Back Entrance, and about a dozen in the barracks. Don’t get comfortable yet.”
  12. Since both of the Cloakshapes are down, I’d like to check up on the status of Maya’s jam on the comm tower, and then if possible do a scan of the area to see if she can determine how many signatures are left
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