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  1. @RuusMarev @Tramp Graphics @P-47 Thunderbolt Okay, so conferring with everyone to move this along, how do you all feel about paying the Chagrian 60k credits to cover our trail? Alternatively, if we want to keep the credits, how do you feel about a different deal where we try to convince him to hang tight while we deal with the Sith, then work with him to take out Valek and put him in charge instead, since he doesn't seem to like Valek very much?
  2. Essentially, I want a chance for the group to talk it out, and make a decision if they think the risk is worth 60k credits, or if they think they've covered their tracks well enough already that Jabba doesn't actually know who they are.
  3. Oof, yeah that'd be pretty rough being at 4 crits, max strain, and 2 under WT, so I'm glad you're letting me take a rank of toughened for this. Making a mental note not to be squadded up so much in the future.
  4. Oh good, I can actually use my talent for this. Suffer 1 strain to downgrade to 1eC+1eD. Negotiate: 1eP+2eA+1eB+1eC+1eD 4 successes I believe that drops it down to 60k. Is it acceptable to finalize that deal with him in a few days, after they finish the mission with the Sith?
  5. I was accounting for the reduction in healing since it's the 2nd stimpack, but hadn't accounted for the stimpack not working before damage was calculated. If it doesn't work as an immediate incidental, I believe it puts Condor 2 over wound threshold. I believe I could avoid him being incapacitated via taking a rank of Toughened, so he doesn't exceed his wound threshold, if that's acceptable to you.
  6. Right, I keep forgetting that. Both hits to Condor then, and I'll instead use the free maneuver so he can stimpack himself, and then for their turn I'll use an incidental to dismiss Balyeg being squadded up, and have both Condor and Balyeg take 2 maneuvers to get to the bridge like you mentioned. I'll forgo the action for Balyeg to have the 2nd maneuver, and have Condor take two strain, leaving him with an action when they get to the Bridge. Questions concerning the bridge - Are there any droids left alive in there, and can I shut the door to the bridge at this point with Condor's action?
  7. Check or no, I was more concerned with the part about what happens when the rarity is reduced to 0, which unfortunately in this case its not. If I understand it correctly, reducing the rarity to 0 means the character doesn't need to acquire the material and is considered to already have it on hand, which I would expect means it is essentially free since the parts are already on hand. Regardless, since the rarity isn't 0, I don't have the 1000 cR it would take to make two of the vacuum sealed attachments, so I'm out of luck on that front.
  8. Maya silently wished that Cade hadn't said anything. There was no possible way that they could trust the Chagrian, especially since he had revealed his displeasure with the way that they'd handled things. More importantly though, it was unlikely Jabba could do much of anything at this juncture. There was no reason anyone should know who they were, or what they were doing, at least for the time being. Maya had been very careful to make sure that their real names hadn't been used in these interactions, and as far as what she had said, they wouldn't know her or anyone else by anything but the fake names, like Tyra. Even if someone had tracked them to the ship, she could perform the scrub job it would need to clear it from being identified. The only way she could forsee Jabba - or anyone for that matter - tracking them down past a bit of extra work was if he could trace who collected the actual bounty on Gorka, and linked that to one of their families. Unfortunately if she remembered correctly, a portion of those credits could be traced back to Darien's wife, and that at least wasn't a risk any of them would be willing to take. But the Chagrian still couldn't be trusted either. It wasn't a decision she'd be able to make alone. "While my friend here is . . .optimistic, that sort of deal isn't something we were given the authority to make. We'd need authorization from someone higher up in our Syndicate. Name your price, I'll relay your offer, and if your terms are acceptable, our organization will fulfill our end of the bargain."
  9. @EliasWindrider Well, before I take my turn, I guess let's figure out what that crit is going to be. Condor will take it at +20(And the 6 dmg with it), and I'll have the non-crit hit go to Titan, putting him to 6/10 on his WT. Concerning the generated threat, since it comes from two rolls, I would prefer one of the groups get a boost to their next attack for the advantage they got, and the 2 threat from the crit attack be used for a free maneuver so they can start moving back towards the bridge if that's allowed?
  10. Maya turns to the others and raises an eyebrow before beginning to count through the boxes of credits. “A proposition?” She asks idly, doing her best to seem disinterested. “I’ll hear you out, though I should warn you we’re not permitted to work outside the bounds of what our employer authorizes. I’m sure you understand.”
  11. Technically via RAW it was an auto-fire attack, and the roll was appropriate. For IC, I just flavored it as someone besides Condor doing the damage since they’re in a squad and Balyeg hasn’t been getting any attacks.
  12. Maya shrugged and followed him in, glad that no one had bothered trying to take their weapons. Guards or no, she doubted Cade and Ge’tal would be unable to shoot their way out of here. “Did Valek give you instructions to handle this?”
  13. "Alright, looks like we're meeting Valek at the bank," Maya told the other two as they headed out. "I probably don't have to remind you, but keep your guard up. Don't trust this guy at all. And no real names."
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