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  1. Agreed. A speed 3-4 Onager is a **** of a goat to try to keep a carrier safe from. It was a solid game.
  2. Pod B Chavo defeats @Keskai71 score vs 0I, Chavo, chose second and Keskai chose Surprise Attack. I placed the station in the top left corner. He deployed in the only open spot, and I set up at an angle away, near the middle at full speed to kite his (very threatening) front arc. Mines were set, I moved an asteroid out of my path, and another with a mine (hopefully) into his. Round 1: Ravager received a navigate raid token, which was gleared with the token from a Nav dial. Keskai shot at three mines, popping one before moving with a click of yaw and triggering the remaining 3 for 4 damage. Round 2: Nav Raid, Ravager revealed a squad command and kept his bombers close, near his rear flank before landing on two asteroids and gaining Damaged Munitions and Blinded Gunners. My ships and squads continued to circle around, out of range looking for opportunities. Round 3: Con Fire Raid, which was cleared with a Con fire dial, keeping the token. Then Ravager got a Life Support Failure and Projector Misaligned, removing his tokens and all his front shields. The Obstacles were the real MVPs this game. I took the opportunity and was able to FCT/Squall my Maarek/Rhymer/and Phantoms to close range, but dice were dice with two complete whiffs. My hope was to land enough damage to get half points, that didn't happen. During the Squad phase, Keskai moved his bombers to threaten Corvus and my other ships. Round 4-6:The Ravager had Repair dials all the way down, recovering shields and healing damage. I took a couple pot shots at Ravager before pulling my squads back into command range. The Comms-Net fed nav and squad tokens as needed to keep things from running into each other and getting all the squads moved. The rest of the game played out between the fighters, and between the SSD and the asteroids. Ravager ended with 13 hull (for want of two more Structural Damage!) and I cleared his remaining bombers. An enjoyable game, and Keskai was a joy to play with. Log File Link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SxRz1bWvN41RpTIye2zy0jj5RYL_9i0v
  3. I have never had longer or more cognitively intensive setup. This was a great game with a very talented player. Also, I have the first half-ish of the game on log file. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GRLY8aEldaHIi63FPa95nRBOMmbKVKmF
  4. I could be persuaded to join. In that you have persuaded me. If there's room left.
  5. You are excited for Clone Wars to be delayed without articles or updates. Mourn them, do not. Miss them, do not. Attachment leads to jealousy, the shadow of greed, that is. Train yourself to let go of every thing you fear to never get from FFG. This is the way.
  6. Volatile Deposits might work as an objective to counter squadrons.
  7. I played and lost handily to the Mandalorian Moose, we had to call it early but he was a shot or two away from ending me.
  8. I, Chavo, played @TigerKommandant, getting successfully tabled in round 4. I will take the extra credit though. Please and thank you.
  9. @187-Leon and I played a game, a Raddus list I'm trying versus a modified version of his Fall tournament list.
  10. Good luck to everyone in the top 8, but especially to @Green Squadron 3! I want to see a poly-Interdictor list go all the way.
  11. ChavoGuerrero Vs. @Order66 Beta Chavo was 1st player, Solar Corona was played Order66: 60 pts Chavo: 0 Order66 won with a 7:4 and 60 MOV. It was a very slow, cautious game, I waited for Order66 to close but he held at long range for the entire game. I lost both Slicer Tools flotillas, and although got decent damage onto the raider, I was not able to kill anything. Good game, and I appreciate 66 staying up to play it. Log File Link
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