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  1. Well I'll be blessed, Now I'm not only being invited by Da Real Tony "Azzmodeus" Fanning but also by Da One And Only Jaime Pierson. Thanks, I'ld be happy to join you guys. A few questions and observations though: 1) My primary concern is the Time difference (we're 9 hours apart): will it be possible to participate in the NIV-Con with this time difference? 2) I joined/applied the MeWe group but I guess I still have to be allowed to Nerds-International by some kind of admin...? (Don't worry about the childish humor and constant NSFW language Tony, that's one of the parts that made me stick). 3) I have the Fantasy Grounds demo installed (thanks for the link and heads up) I'ld love to drop by and say hi at the Thursday Live-Twitch but that starts at 6 a.m. for me. Although I am a night person, mostly I'm not awake anymore (or not yet) at 6 a.m. Maybe if I get up in the morning some day I'll see if I can pop in. I did sign-up though. Keep up the good work boys Cheers
  2. I have no idea about the quality of your Net-Fu but I haven't been able to find the book either in some shops in Europe...Most of them tell me that they think it's out of print but the fact is that they cannot order it with their big supplier anymore. I prefer the physical book but if you really want it, you can buy the pdf at https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/271678/The-Worlds-of-Android?src=newest Cheers
  3. Howdy Tony, Thanks for your answer. I'm also into RPG since 1987/88 and I also experienced Cyberpunk 2020 in the 90's but rather as a player. ****, I loved that game and the campaign we played back then. When you've put "48 hours till midnight" into a legible form I hope we can easily find it somewhere. Looking forward to that. I've been thinking, from time to time, about joining The Brewery myself (assuming that I am allowed) so I could maybe play with you guys sometime but I don't know if that's possible at all: me living in Europe and you guys being all based in USA/Canada (?) Have a good one Tony
  4. Hey, I totally enjoyed this show (as well as all the other RPG-streams you guys put out). This scenario was SO Cyberpunk and it was clear to me that you must have some experience with playing or Gm'ing cyberpunk-style games. It was sooooo good. Not only your GM-skills but also the scenario and how it evolved. Thanks for bringing some quality to the RPG world. On another note, can I ask a favor? Is there a possibility that I can get the scenario you ran in one way or another, please? If I understood well it was a brewing of yourself? I would really like to run this for my group. Thanks in advance. Greetings from another Tony in Europe somewhere
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