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  1. Notice the bolded, as you just disproved your own point. When I said as bad as the SSD looks in armada, I meant that it looks terrible while you are playing. I've seen it on boards and it looks terrible. It looks thinner than an ISD-II.
  2. I'm pretty sure that all the length's are completely wrong. They don't seem to be the right size when compared to on-screen references.
  3. The LAAT/c is the LAAT variant that you see in carrying AT-TE EPII, it's larger than the LAAT/i which is the one that carries jedi and clones around. Unless I'm mistaken, the LAAT/i is a lot smaller, and could fit in legion.
  4. Here's a proposed Iden Empire card. For the proposed Endor Expansion.
  5. I think that they will do the LAAT. That is something that seems feasible and is also quite Iconic, like the AT-TE. I'd buy at least 1.
  6. That's great for the clone wars! Now Rex and B2's will be more competitive!
  7. Can someone fill me in on what happened/was announced during the stream?
  8. Only if it's on a bigger play field. While the $$ will be good for FFG, the developers seem like they actually care about the game. They would have to shrink it down ALOT, it would have to be a little bigger than the saber tank to fit in scale,and it would look as bad as the SSD does for armada. If they actually do make a larger scale game, I believe it'll be there.
  9. Thank you for your advice! I didn't realize that I had that many... mistakes in my cards. I'll fix them right away I'll do it in reverse order... Shock Repulse "all figures adjacent to them" is supposed to convey that when you push the enemy if they end up in a space adjacent to another figure(or figures), that figure takes damage. Artifact Hunter I didn't know that Bd-53 couldn't interact, thanks. I see the problem with valuable goods. Maybe I should make a supply card(s) called "artifact" or something that you can find. Armored Arsenal I'll make sure to fix all that so it's as I thought it was. Dikut! "Maybe you mean "voluntarily exits its space"?" Yes, that's what I meant, I'll also change it to "move 1 space" and "before the figure exits its space" Mandalorian Armor I'll change the wording to: "Exhaust(?) this card.... at the end of this round deplete this card" would that work? or is there better wording for it? BD-53 I'll change the wording to "If adjacent to Arctic Storm-Mandalorian Archaeologist, take your figure off the board. He becomes Focused." and "If you performed a Backpack Droid action last activation, place your self adjacent to Arctic Storm-Mandalorian Archaeologist, and move one space" Will that fix that? Loyal Assistant Hmm... I'll keep 'Gain:' there for now, I'll change that. I will make it so that the ability is 'before or after your activation'. Shield Shock I'll make it so it's 'once during your activation'. Did I miss anything? should I change the name of any of the abilities? Edit: The proposed change to 'Jump off' is too long. Any ideas on how to fix that?
  10. So here's my Hero: Here's his starting weapon: His 1xp's The Loyal Assistant 2xp's 3xp's 4xp's Thoughts? What should I nerf, what should I buff? What do you think really requires play-testing(I made these yesterday). Any help would be appreciated! Edit: All cards that needed it now have a V2
  11. Hello Friends! Since there will be no more IA physical content, I was thinking that it might be fun, as a community, to create an Endor Expansion/Campaign. Please note, I'd like to be able to use any new mechanics and characters in skirmish. Rebel Allies: Ewok Warriors(or should we make them archers?) Captain Rex(He was the white bearded ranger seen in return of the jedi) Ewok Glider Who else? I can't think of anyone who isn't already in beside these two. Any ideas? Imperial Villains: Scout Troopers Non-canon Imperial Villain(of our design) Inferno Squad(Either as a single deployment or as multiple deployments) Who else? Scum Villains: Endor Wildlife What else could we use? Rebel Heroes: Melee Character(I have an idea but I don't know if it'll fit with the theme) Droid Hero(I was thinking a BX commando droid) Ranged Another alien hero What do ya'll think? I was thinking of using a Character I've created... But I think he'd fit better in a The Mandalorian or Jedi: Fallen Order Expansion. Name Ideas anyone? I was thinking that the campaign could be about a taking down other imperial installations on endor and then progressing to the battle of Jakku or something similar, or the buildup to the battle of Endor. I have no preference. Weapon Ideas? Ewok Spears What else? Crates? Sidemissions Opening mission. Finale. Campaign Length Let's get our brains working on this. The Shivering Saber Jockey, -Arctic
  12. @Bitterman What happened to the other page of yours? I can't seem to find it(that's where you can download the Card Creator for those not familiar with what I'm talking about) Can you post the download thing here?
  13. Yes, let me find them real quick.... Here I cannot seem to get the map creator to work but I hear the campaign module on vassal does something similar. I also know that someone on here was posting custom tiles they made themselves, I'll find the thread and link it... Here's the Creator's account: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/profile/314452-fourtytwo/ and then the Thread his work was in: @Fourtytwo Could you hop over here real quick?
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