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  1. As the rules seem to be silent on the matter, as far as I could find, a question how other solve this: A player casts an invocation with multiple targets, e.g. Strike the Tsunami. One of the three targets is in Earth stance, another in Air stance, a third in Water stance and in Obscuring terrain. Does the player... a) ...roll one check, get two successes and only hits the first target, as target 2 and 3 have TN 3? b) ...roll one check, get two successes and hit no targets, as the second target's Air stance gave him TN+1, as did the Obscuring terrain? c) ...roll three Attack checks, one against TN 2 and two against TN 3? Option c) seems to be out: It would allow the player to roll three checks with one action, thus spend Opportunities to e.g. heal Strife or Fatigue 3x in that one action. Option one seems like the most sensible one (why should one taget dodging or being obscured make hitting the others more difficult?). Bit as the rules do not seem to say anything about it, I wanted to ask if everyone went with a).
  2. Oops, calculated the Vigilance-values wrong, round up instead of down! I corrected the JPGs and PDF. The PDF could only use open source pictures, of course, so I was forced to use Wikimedia pictures. But it came out better than expected, as now I use original pictures of artists depicting the creatures, centuries old. The downside is that a few creatures have no pictures.
  3. Since printing out web pages is a headache, I also compiled all my monster into a single PDF document, with some GM remarks and adventure ideas each: Strange Creatures of Rokugan.pdf
  4. And another one: The Con-Tinh, a lonely princess found in the woods that does not behave like a princess at all.
  5. The next entry: The Tengu Swordmaster. I purposefully do not say whether the Tengu has a raven's head or a human head with long nose: Both a legendary creatures from japanese myth, the latter usually are the swordmasters, but the former of course look way cooler. So I leave that detail to each GM.
  6. And the next entry: the Komainu, or Lion Dog, guarding shrines and chinese restaurents. Also a Rising Sun boardgame monster. I try to design each creature in a way that at least one adventure idea naturally grows from it. For the Komainu, the PCs could be called to a local shrine because the resident kami seems to be unhappy, throwing stuff around every now and then. Investigating, the PCs might find out that a group of burglers tried to rob the shrine a few weeks back, but were chased off when the komainu activated (their claw marks can still be seen near the front steps). Unnoticed, the spirit of a recently deceased local woman entered the shrine at the same time, with the wards down, and became trapped inside when the Komainu returned. It is her spirit that has caused the recent commotion. The PCs will have to activate the Komainu long enough for her to leave without destroying them, as they are parts of the shrine. Aand, for bonus points, find out what keeps the spirit in this world, and solve that problem.
  7. And here is my version of the Jinmenju (Rising Sun boardgame monster):
  8. The rules say "However, as a part of any action, a character may always convey up to five words (or six words, as long as the last word is “fool” or a similarly dismissive form of address).". So saying "Kill them, my sweet beloved fool!" is not an action and can accompany anythingh she does. And once she did, not doing it of his turn is going against his ninjo, so it should deal 3 Strife. She would not have to repeat herself, but could without any cost. (Since both the Jorogumo and me are smart, a Jorogumo played by me would of course get a Wargear item, to increase the Strife she deals 3-4 times per turn by one each...) Great that you like the creature!
  9. You do not need to deal the Fire Strife to the one you are attacking. The text is "Inflame another character in the scene with your presence, causing them to receive 2 strife." Hitting his friends and taunting how they are no help to him is enough. The charmed character would each round take 3 Strife for disobeying the order to kill his friends, plus 4-6 as a side effect of her attacks on the others. That is quite some Strife besides dealing damage and bowling PCs all over the place.
  10. It kind of is part of her story: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jorōgumo#The_Jōren_Falls_of_Izu. Since the charm can now be ended by a ritual, it can not as easily be abused by her as a death curse (but have fun talking a Kuni Purifier into burning 5 Fingers of Jade to save your star-crossed heart). I used your suggestion of refering to the ninjo Strife mechanics in the latest update. I do not want to force unmasking, though, as that takes away player freedom, again. Being Compromized in combat hurts a lot, so if the PCs decides to rather tough it out, that is his prerogartive. I chose not to give her an explicit Cause Strife ability, as that is part of fighting in Fire stance, anyway. Three attacks there can deal 6 additional Strife. I might buff her Fire ring, though, as emotions are sort of her thing...
  11. Thank you! I changed it again, how do you like it now?
  12. "A Jorōgumo can have only one person charmed at a time." is in the text.
  13. She cannot charm another if she has someone charmed. If she has noone charmed yet, she can to it once as a action, and then the effect stays active. She can demand something she knows the charmed PC will not do, but that Not Doing happens on his turn, so he would take the Strife only once per turn. Her talking faster would not change that. I agree that there should be an alternative way to break the curse of losing Endurance itself. Perhaps a sacrifice of something of personal value to the Fortunes? It should be an alternative if things go unplanned, but should not be easy to do. The temporary change of the ninjo is an interesting idea.
  14. Ok, I changed it to an escalating mechanic that is healable. What do you think of that? The idea, if a PC is affected, isn't that the Jorogumo goes on vacation. But finding it takes time, which is a limited factor if the Strife builds up. Since triggering events of a Jorogumos demands wouldn't happen that often (you only need to tell the others once, and Not Doing something cannot be punished very often), a flat 4 Strife creates little pressure, especially since Strife partially heals automatically after each scene. The +1 per time happening would create a growing pressure, especially if the PC realizes that when they face the Jorogumo, she'll make new demands of him, and by then, the Strife inflicted per denial should better not have risen to high...
  15. The Jorōgumo doesn't just go around charming anyone and then ask them to kill their family. It will choose a solitary person, a woodcutter or boy collecting firewood. It will charm him from hiding, reavealing herself afterwards, and the person sees an otherworldly beauty that tells him she is a messanger fromn the Fortunes or the Kami, sent to gather a few humans to save from the imminent catastrophe. She will show him a vision of the catastrophe (with False Realm of the Fox Spirits), as well as a vision of the near-paradise that awaits him and his family - if they prove themselves worthy of the new world. To trest that, she will have to ask him to do a few things, that will surely hurt her more than him, but are necessary to prove his devotion to the Fortunes, the Kami, and her. The first few things she asks for a small transgressions, without logic or rhyme - steal a broom or a comb from that woman, tell everybody that that woman is an evil witch... and of course do not talk about me. Only later become the demands worse, all with the intention of getting the family to go into the woods, alone or in groups of two, into the protected paradise. What awaits them, of course, is a spider cocoon and an egg, to feed the next generation of Jorōgumo. Even if the PCs quickly find out that the affected is charmed by a creature, he only knows that she is a beautiful woman, and where he saw her in the woods. Actually finding her and getting her to stand and fight is not easy for a creature that can run up trees.
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