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  1. They should update it according to when it actually releases, not based on when local retailers receive their stock.
  2. Welcome to corporate America. Never take what corporations tell you at face value, they are not your friends. Always read critically, especially when reading "news" they actively try to sway you to their way of thinking. I am not accusing FFG of deception though, they probably are donating but they never actually claimed they were. Not that I have seen anyway. That would open them up to lawsuits. The trick is to get as close to lying without actually doing it. Again, I am not accusing FFG of deception but it would be a good question for them.
  3. Where is it confirmed? All it says is they are a proud supporter. You can support an organization without donating.
  4. Its really good in Diana and Dex
  5. While a second core is not required I am certainly glad I bought a second. I would be lost with only a single copy of many of those cards. But its maybe something you can put off if you dont want to spend the money right now.
  6. Each deluxe expansion contains the first 2 scenarios of a 8 part campaign, 5-6 new investigators and many player cards. Ideally I would get them in release order but that may be difficult as they go out of stock quickly and it can take months waiting for reprints. So If you want to play through a complete campaign buy whichever is available. OR if you just want more player cards then any scenario pack or deluxe expansion will give you additional cards to build decks with, even if you save the story for later (until you have the complete campaign) Stand alone scenarios are one-off adventures not tied to any campaign but they include no player cards to build decks with. The "Return to" boxes are for people who have played a campaign a bunch and want to mix it up with some tweeks and fixes. edit: All of Dunwich is actually in stock right now (amazing) besides the deluxe. Maybe you can find that elsewhere.
  7. Have you played Carnevale of Horrors?
  8. Ordered in Jan, shipped yesterday, received today
  9. I got my Weaver shipping notice today and Dexter was in the spam bin
  10. I thought the point in pre-ordering was to guarantee a copy on release. Not to pay early so they can sell it to someone else.
  11. Still waiting. No shipping info yet.
  12. They share a parking lot with FFG
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