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  1. Hopefully the new Arkham Horror 3rd Edition expansion will be ready to demo.
  2. , but don’t want to be mistaken. May also bring the various home brew play aids I’ve printed. Hopefully we can get some costumes together.
  3. And, totally OT, but is anyone else really, REALLY looking forward to Android? A cyberpunk game designed by Kevin "Arkham Horror" Wilson? I so totally want this game in my hands now, even more than BSG -- which totally rocks, btw.
  4. Are there reasons people aren't so keen? The scenarios are to B Grade to play a gritty survival game, the system is not working for this concept?
  5. phase would be interesting and could speed the game up. Anyone else have any ideas for increasing progression of the game??
  6. Use the raven token to cancel the attack and consolidate in the port if ever IronMan's bay has a defense order?
  7. 1. The corners of the cover were damaged. While this isn't substantial, it is rather noticeable but I figured it is something I can live with. Such are the risks of international shipping and there's really not much I can do about it.
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