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  1. So, bits of the Doctor Strange cards have been sent to the cats on Discord. This is what they've cobbled together so far. It's super neat too, I guess people are being sent pieces, almost like some cryptic puzzle ha ha!
  2. Why would you assume it's stolen? Just because it hasn't been released, doesn't mean it hasn't been given out for testing or other reasons.
  3. They aren't. They are a regular dude, he posted on Discord and the FB Group.
  4. Does anyone have a link to a place online that can print the RAMV variant? I'm not looking for sites/companies that provide the service, but more so a link that has just that to print/buy. Thanks so much!
  5. Quickly we have forgotten about Captain America and Steve Rogers. Fixes the issue you bring up. It's doable, and doable well. As for Stephen Strange, who knows what he can do in AE form, maybe heals or something. It's more thematic than anything else.
  6. Yeah, that sounds awful. If you can't respect the rules when playing solo, why are you even playing?
  7. How many people are still playing the game solo? Whether through the app or one of the many variants out there?
  8. BUT, can you still thwart with Allies? Or does the 'you' part of that constitute what 'you' own or what 'you' have in play? Or does 'you' mean only the hero?
  9. My assumption is that Zemo prevents a player from being able to thwart at all, until he is removed from play.
  10. Just for discussion, why would allies be allowed to thwart if you're not allowed to thwart?
  11. Rules question, if Zemo is engaged with a 'hero' does he prevent that hero from thwarting? Or that player? Meaning, does he prevent that playing from thwarting with allies/cards etc. The discord has been talking about this a lot yesterday. Posting here for the chance of an official reply, plus thoughtful discussion!
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