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  1. You can choose various services that have free support for games online or choose a convenient time for yourself and spend in another company that you can pick up on similar forums, for example, so I found another company with which I am comfortable playing in similar games. It all depends on your desire.
  2. I was looking for information on such arrangements and many have such problems that if 3-4 foot soldiers are almost impossible to win the monsters. It seems to me that something is wrong all the same, the developers have forgotten about the balance, or is it so intended?)
  3. I didn’t even know that there was such a board game, I saw separately for a long time figures, but I thought that they were custom, but it turns out they were from such board games. Wow!
  4. It is really healthy to have something like this, it will greatly refresh this part. P.S. Please remove this blue color from his eyes explode)
  5. If there is any profit in this, they will do it quickly. If not, then the rest will fall on the shoulders of enthusiasts
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