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  1. I haven't seen anything since the "no more physical product" comment so I would like to think there is hope that they will continue to add to the app but also wouldn't be surprised if we don't get anything else.
  2. yup, got that one too but still... woohoo 12 stormtroopers, 2 poses lol
  3. I have some jumbo graph paper and the large grids are almost the exact size of a tile( slightly larger actually). I drew out both raid maps on there using appropriate color markers. It's definitely not as fancy not having the background graphics but figured it was good enough to at least give Raid a try. Of course I have still not tried it as I've been busy painting my miniatures in what little spare time I've had.
  4. Unfortunately I am not at home so I can not look at my cards to verify but I believe what it is saying is there is always a way to take an additional turn if certain conditions are met, such as testing piloting. You would need to resolve the card as written. Basically if it says if you test and pass piloting you get another turn but you if you fail the test then you would not get the additional turn. I have personally avoided the Maelstrom but if I remember right most of the times if you fail the condition it will move you one space and end your turn. So the short answer is to do whatever is on the card as written. Ultimately though if you are truly conflicted on how a rule should be handled then implement a house rule that all are in agreement on.
  5. I would love to see these, unfortunately all the pictures in your thread no longer appear.
  6. Do we know what the paint numbers are for the "new" paints? I'd love to rename my current paints since SW naming would make more sense for me.
  7. Even though I had seen it before I never really knew anything about IA or any other FFG games really until very recently. I don't know of anyone else who plays it so for me the real draw was the campaign via the app. I started playing but then began painting so I haven't gotten back to actually painting yet. My plan is to finish painting the core set, do that campaign, paint another set, do that campaign, etc. At the very least I would love to see them finish adding the campaigns to the app. I'm intrigued by Legion and some of the minis now that I've gotten into painting but again not having anyone to play with would basically mean that I'm buying for the sole purpose of painting. I would agree that IA had it's run but it would also be nice down the road to create an expansion for Legion to allow you to use your characters to play some sort of campaign. By biggest complaint with IA was that the characters were all the same mold, I mean seriously 9 stormtroopers in the exact same pose is quite dull.
  8. Nice! I was thinking of doing the same thing with my second one but I have yet to paint the first one, so it will still be a little while before I get to it.
  9. Phenomenal! Your snowtroopers are great. I've got some more pics to post to my thread as I've been working my way through the Core Set as well. Just started work on the Trandoshans but they probably won't come out as well as yours!
  10. I haven't been able to find much in my area(Portland, ME) yet, but haven't checked a lot of locations, just browsing online stuff. I don't have any legion stuff yet but would love to try it. Just got into Imperial Assault recently, more or less because I can play co-op by myself using the app.
  11. I ended up finding a fair amount of time to paint this week although it was more sporadic. I got the rest of the Core Heroes done along with Vader, the Vipers, and one squad of Stormtroopers. Not particularly happy with the Stormtroopers but I figured that until I find a technique that works well for me and I like the results of I would just do one squad at a time instead of a huge assembly line. I kept the probe droids pretty simple: a black base, a dry brush of gun metal and color to a couple of lenses. I decided to do the main lens red on all of them and the secondary lens a color that matches that of the unit markers. Vader I also kept pretty simple and just went for some mild highlighting. Figured I could always go back later. Out of the Heroes I was most interested in Fenn and Mak so I put more effort into those and am satisfied with how they turned out. Gideon also wasn't too bad. Diala, I just didn't have much interest in so a lot less effort went in. The wraps were quite annoying for me. The gang's all here..
  12. I actually just organized mine today. Plastic organizational/tackle box for all the small items and just put the maps and ship cards on top. Just need to figure out a good solution for the cards.
  13. As someone who will mostly be playing solo I completely agree! That's why Hoth will be the next one I get since I just got Jabba's today.
  14. Spent my afternoon getting some more painting done while catching up on Netflix since next week will most likely be a bust. Got the finishing touches put on Gaarkhan. Still haven't figured out what I want to do for basing on most of these so that part will stay incomplete. @Bitterman's method for eyes actually worked for me this time! Decided that the next group to start was the Imperial Guards. Once I've spray varnished them I'm going to gloss varnish the hoods to match their look in the movies. Decided to play around with some lighting and my makeshift backdrop so here's Sorin and Jyn again.
  15. Thanks! I saw one of your other posts recommending "Hobby Cheating" and took a peek at a couple of the videos, hopefully will get a chance to view some more. There are so many though that I think I will need to focus on certain techniques I'm interested in.
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