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  1. Hello, I'm starting a new group for L5R with some interested friends of mine. Although we're beginners when it comes to the world of Rokugan, we're no strangers to RPG at all. We've been playing V:tM, D&D and 3D&T (national RPG system) for some years now. However, we've became saturated with the same systems and we're looking for some "fresh air" so to speak. Given that introduction, I've proposed L5R to my group and they're somewhat interested. A little bit anxious because it's something we don't know much about, but curious still. I have some ideas for stories, plots and characters after reading the 4e Core Rulebook. I also had some inspiration through Samurai Champloo, Yojimbo, Hara-Kiri (the remake), Drifters and 13 Assassins.tweakbox appvalley https://vlc.onl/
  2. Yesterday I played in tournament, and the rules are 50 minutes. And I really don't like the "slow play tactics". How the **** someone play so slowly that 50 minutes still just finished 3rd plot and I lose because my opponent have like 2 more power than me, I absolutely sure I could win in like 2-3 plots ahead. It really not fair, so I can gain one power and then stop play and I win right? Then another game I am at 12 powers and my opponent really have no chance but slow play and give me modified win. I really like this game, but this happens lots of time when I join the tournament, and it make bad experience with the game :(.
  3. Oh man. My heart. Anyone who has read it now that it is out - what do you all think?reverse phone lookupnba reddit pcpartpicker
  4. Hello friends, My friend and I had an interesting disagreement about the interpretation of the ship transport rules in last night's game. Let's see if I can explain this without pictures .. He had a footman and a ship in Dragonstone. He then attempted to resolve a move order in Dragonstone. First he moved his ship into Shipbreaker Bay, then he moved his footman through Shipbreaker Bay using ship transport, directly into Crackclaw point. I argued that this wasn't possible because all units resolve their moves simultaneously, and at the moment when the move is declared, all units need to have valid destinations before they are attempted to move. In his case only the ship had a valid destination (Shipbreaker Bay), while his footman couldn't declare Crackclaw as a valid destination because there was no ship there yet to facilitate that move.https://sarkariresult.onl/ Mobdro https://pnrstatus.vip/ He argued that because you can split move the units, you can first place the ship into Shipbreaker Bay, then move the footman across it using ship transport. I've yet to see a definite answer to this online. Can anyone shed some light?
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