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  1. Same here, nowhere in stock even after the Shadow of the Beanstalk book was released. Kinda hilarious because the main purpose fo the book can be seen as a supplement for the Genesys book.
  2. The good people all left a while ago, all that's left is just a husk of FFGs former glory. Time to move on to different systems and companies. TBH the RPG people should just get together and start a new company.
  3. From Reddit: "Mods have confirmed the OP to be former employee Sam Bailey and he has now confirmed 14 layoffs. He believes any future RPG titles will be done through freelance work rather than an in-house team." Welcome to Shadow of the 5 Rings Run 6th Ed. I had a good time, thanks to everyone that was involved.
  4. Super disappointed personally. I dislike the art style and the setting just seems like super random to me (kinda like they had the mechanics and needed to slap some art on it.) Why not release something in a better and more popular FFG universe like Arkham Horror, Lord of the Rings or something where they have a license like Game of Thrones, Doom, XCOM.
  5. I couldn't find a list of included cards and neither a specific answer on this: Are all cards included in the book? Or are the just supplements for easier play like how WotC does it for DnD. I'm asking because almost no game stores seem to carry them in Europe and the markup ranges from 4-13€. I'm not willing to pay 20€ for 10 cards that are already included in the book simply to reference them easier.
  6. Genesys uses Strengths, Flaws, Desires and Fears for that right? Mechanically this adds 1 or 2 boost/setback dice depending on social check's arguments which is very simple. All that L5R changes is the naming (Fear == Anxiety, Passion == Desire, etc) and instead of adding dice you can re-roll dice and inflict/recover strife. Genesys covers this in roughly 4 pages, L5R dedicates roughly 40! pages to it with no real mechanical difference. When building a character or NPC this requires me to go through all 40 pages to look up stuff that could have been described in way less. It's not like these are all feats with very different mechanics, it's mostly just permutations of skills. I'm sure that there are people that like more content but this just makes my life as a DM harder when I run the game and introduce new players to it. Other than that I agree with lore and setting being great.
  7. I recently got a copy of the Genesys rule book and finished reading the main parts last week. What struck me as interesting is how similar both systems are but L5R seems to add a lot of convoluted cruft on top of it: The same concepts with different names: cool == focus, strain ~= strife, advantage ~= opportunity, void points ~= story points etc. Too many use cases for each ring: You have ~20 skills now multiply that by 5 (rings) and you've got a whopping 100 different skills that you need to remember. Genesys' base attribute mechanic is much easier to remember. The L5R rule book is splattered with exceptions in various places and looking up stuff is a pain (for instance try to find all ways to remove strife/fatigue in the rule book) and the GM screen isn't really useful since there is too much to cover. Genesys is well organized and mentions all important parts in the relevant section duplicating the relevant information (which is good!) Lots of different uses for opportunity based on the used ring vs a single use of advantage and triumph in Genesys makes it very hard to teach it to players and remember 4 types of conflicts vs just 1, all having very different actions, initiative checks (why?!) and structure (e.g. no order in intrigues) Range bands are easier in Genesys Critical strikes are easier to manage in Genesys Lots of TN1 checks whereas roll dice and count the successes would have been easier (e.g. Initiative) All in all pretty excited by how elegant and stream lined Genesys is. And it's pretty frustrating since both systems are very similar and yet still incompatible and were released around the same time. Kinda makes me hope for an official Genesys conversion.
  8. Even if no hard cover is possible I'd at least expect a more robust book binding similar to the reduced rule book in the beginner box. Also given that most adventures seem to have additional content that seamlessly integrates with the adventure - Palace of the Emerald Champion fits so well that it almost feels like ripped out off the beginner adventure - they should be able to up the pages to 50+ easily.
  9. Hi, just recently got into the game and got all the adventures. Turns out the adventures themselves are just very low quality booklets comparable to board game rule books. So far I've had very bad experiences with these when running DnD adventures since they are hard to keep intact and wear down quickly. You also have trouble storing them on shelves since they can't stand upright on their own. The included adventure itself spans maybe 2 sessions. Any chances to get better quality adventure books which have more content than 2 sessions, similar to how Wizards does it for DnD?
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