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  1. Oh man. My heart. Anyone who has read it now that it is out - what do you all think?
  2. I think the only acceptable viewing order for a first time watcher is 4,5,6,1,2,3,7,8,9. THEN anthologies. Don’t put Rogue One and Solo in between 7 and 8. Leave them until after the main series. The anthologies are for people who have had plenty of exposure to the universe and are intricately familiar with all the deep lore references. Inserting them in between the sequels is bound to confuse a first time watcher.whatsapp web whatsapp plus routerlogin I do not think a first time watcher should watch in chronological order. First off, the prequels assume some familiarity with the universe and the inevitability of the story conclusion. Second, while new viewers may be familiar with the Vader reveal, they might not know the Leia reveal, and this ruins the surprise for them. Finally, from a filmmaking perspective, chronological order jumps from a newer style of filmmaking to an older style and then jumps to an even newer postmodern style. It’s jarring and risks the possibility of alienating the viewer from appreciating the originals because “they’re older” and the filmmaking might not “be as exciting”. It’s better to watch it in release order to subconsciously appreciate how the filmmaking of the franchise evolved over 40 years. The worst viewing order for me, however, is machete order. That just doesn’t make sense for a first time watcher and is bound to confuse them. It feels like a desperate attempt to make the story all about Anakin instead of a story about Luke THEN a story about Anakin. I respect George’s ideas, but one thing that has rubbed me the wrong way is that “Anakin is the central character” and how so many people have latched onto that. I prefer to think of the saga more as the story of an ENTIRE FAMILY instead of one man’s family and his legacy. Now if you’ve already watched the movies, chronological order is perfectly acceptable. I plan to do a chronological viewing of only the main saga films in the lead up to IX. What are your thoughts? Would love to hear alternative opinions.
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