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  1. ah, yes. thanks. Im still getting used to the rules. My gaming group get into skirmish conflicts once every three sessions on average so the complexities of the combat rules arent cemented in my head yet.
  2. ok wow, I totally missed that. So it is a rule for movement using the survival ring. I guess I was wondering if someone had an advantage for having experience riding on a horse, then that would reflect in a technique. Attacking on horseback is therefore resolved as normal. If the attacker is on horseback and his opponent is not, maybe rule that he cannot attack with melee unless he performs a guard action or can somehow move faster than the horse because of terrain obstacles, etc..
  3. Has anyone ever made rules on fighting on horseback? Should the TN increase? Riding is covered in the survival skill, so would a survival roll be necessary to move closer to your target? Any thoughts?
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