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  1. So. I took part in my first Rebellion in the Rim games today, a 3v3 campaign. Two of the imperial players had an ISD (a II and a Kuat), the third didn't. Nobody managed to put significant hull damage (i.e. anything but ramming) on the ISDs and their players won both engagements. In fact 3/4 of those battles were such margins of victory that the imperial commanders have loads of XP to spend and lots of upgrade points and strategic tokens for the long game. Granted, I suck, but is the ISD just too good in this format? What are other folks experience of facing them in 200 point or RitR games?
  2. I'm assuming FFG have made corrections to the post. I'm sure it was announced initially as an 'operative' expansion, not a commander. Had this been the case, it would not be just an alternate sculpt. It seems they meant to say Commander all along, in which case, I'm fine with it. I still have bad memories of other companies where the LE and Prize additions to the game were considerably stronger than the standard units, hence the (perhaps knee-jerk) reaction.
  3. If the operative version of Obi Wan is coming, same cards but a more standard sculpt, then this is marginally ok. If not, it's bound to cause bad feelings and negative attitudes towards the game and company. IMHO of course.
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