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  1. Thanks a lot WolfRider ! Really helpful advice !
  2. Hi guys ! So, my friends are setting up a Dark side game set it the Old Republic, and got me to join them! It's going to be my first time playing a dice RPG game (played alot of video games, but really ain't the same). It goes without saying, i'm trying to learn a lot of new things, and reading these forums a lot lately :P I got a general idea of what i want to play : A Zabrak (Dathomir) Mystic magus. Still working on the backstory details (as Dathomir history seems complex in the Old Republic time). I was thinking of a character around the idea of using the force to serve my character's will. Instead of engaging in melee lightsabers combat, i would use force powers as a play style. I was thinking of maybe a character that would syphon life, and move things around. I was wondering if you would have nice ideas of talents i could pick up and any hints on how to build a first time character. I also want to make sure my character would fit in a group.
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