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  1. the Mesoamerican peoples (especially the Maya) would be useful for the Mayan Scenario of End Of The World.
  2. Now, one of their group has none of the aforementioned skills. He's just a guy who works in an office. With a new game and the point-buy system, everyone is on a fairly even playing field - with the exception of Features, which the trained fighters will use to enjoy extra positive dice.
  3. I am liking the way some of the old games like this Fireborn and Midnight are being (very) gently poked back into life. The opportunity to order the books as Print on Demand would be great. pdfs are ok to read but I find them rubbish to run games from.
  4. rules could and should be done. I believe what it will take is a group to homebrew the tweaks into that world and divorce it from the D20 D&D world.
  5. if we might see this setting updated in the future?
  6. I think this is one of the best card games you can get, the dice makes each card "imperfect", so unlike Magic or Keyforge where you can look at your hand and spot the best play with Destiny you more often than not have to take what you get. This makes the game far more enjoyable as a "puzzle" every turn you have something new to solve with the cards and dice you have.
  7. but I thought it might be a really nice addition to EH, seeing as how that is on the cusp of greatness and all. Hopefully they'll keep going and include stuff for us to use in our games. I'd like to see Professor Grayson in all of the Arkham games, if truth be told...
  8. 1) Receive a single PA that reduces an upgrade played by X (where X = number of Younglings), or
  9. 2 Nightsister Zombies out and I've received 4 points of indirect damage, does this mean that I can assign 1 pt to Old Daka then 1 point to Qi'ra,
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