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  1. Hi, We have just finished Return to Black Star Rise (victory C2) but encountered this situation Two players, Tony and Mandy, but Tony was defeated by horror, so mandy was on her own. Agenda 2a / Act 3c (open the path above) While on Abbey Tower (the path is open), i did draw "Hastur's gaze". Fortunately, i did have a "ward of protection" and cancel the revelation. Else i would have to add it to my hand... and Abbey's tower strictly forbid any clue discovering while having cards in your hand. Hastur's Gaze is hidden, and "cannot be discarded from your hand by any means except those described on the card" (campaign guide) Therefore i should not be able to discard it using location's ability ( Discard up to 3 cards from your hand ). Sadly the forced effect need 1 doom placed on agenda c ... which did not exist anymore... As i said, i did play ward of protection and escape this nasty trap, but is there a special rule to overcome this ? Furthermore, it was not the end, as my next upkeep phase bring this 🙃
  2. Dynamite needs a location (Choose either your location or a connecting location. Deal 3 damage to each enemy and to each investigator at the chosen location), while "empty space is not a location" (Black throne p2). Sadly, you'll need to put into play a location under your Mindless Dancer before ... However, "empty space count as a location for the purposes of determining the distance between two locations", therfore i did use "You owe me one" against some lonely acolyte.
  3. Without the cultist --> 4 keys in 4 places - Number of permutations : 4! (24) - "locked" keys permutation : cultist in inner sanctum (C(4,1)=6), elder in vault (6, with 2 commons with last), cultist in vault and elder in sanctum (2) therefore 12 in 24. indeed! Quite complex ...
  4. Yes ... but it's quite clumsy and can lock the game if you don't know this before entering the Cells... If you lack both the cultist and elder keys (after Lindqvist and the lodge / lobby), you MUST spawn the Cell Keeper / Lodge Sailor. In fact, without the "keys keeper", there's 12 in 24 chances of getting a dead end situation. Should he be discarded (or at the end of the encounter deck), your only option lie in the cells ... If you don't know this (sadly for us), you may choose an acolyte (as we did), or any other cultist, and it's a one way trip :( I think, the Cell Keeper / Lodge sailor should be put aside during setup and spawned (not a random cultist) when Holding Cells is revealed. You should not need to know mythos before playing...
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