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  1. The LCG model creates a pretty high barrier to entry unless you rotate aggressively. It can be many hundreds of dollars to get all the sets in order to be competitive. You don't strictly have to do that, but a new player won't know what to get or what they like. Additionally, FFG can sometimes have stock issues, a problem that may only get worse in the next year. The CCG model allows a player to dip their toes in the water without jumping in all the way since there's an aftermarket in cards. Perhaps these issue have been addressed in Lot5R, I don't know. So I agree that this is best addressed by fixing the rare/legendary imbalance, that will allow more interesting and varied decks. If I recall this is an issue Magic had early on, so it is fixable if there's time. And, of course, address gameplay issues. This is another place they can learn from Netrunner. No one likes to grind out games.
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