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  1. Hello guys, so here is my first post on this forum! I would love some feedback from you guys for this list I just put together. (55) Norra Wexley [ARC-170 Starfighter](4) R2-D2(2) Jyn Erso(4) Shield Upgrade(4) Expert HandlingPoints: 69(55) Wedge Antilles [T-65 X-wing](4) R2 Astromech(0) Servomotor S-foils(6) Outmaneuver(13) Proton TorpedoesPoints: 78(48) Thane Kyrell [T-65 X-wing](0) Servomotor S-foilsPoints: 48Total points: 195 I have been a fan of the ARC from 1st ed and so I have been trying to make it work in 2nd ed too. I haven't play this list much in real life yet but I gave it a couple of test in FlyCasual and it seems to be not too bad. So the idea is that Norra should make the most of her tankiness and stay in R1 while Wedge just flies around and plays a role of heavy hitter. Thane shoots last and he probably doesn't need a lot of mod for his attack dice as his ability is quite easy to trigger anyway. Jyn is there to increase the survivability of not just Norra but the whole list if they happen to end up in a bad spot. What I'm not sure is that should I change Thane for someone else? I think he is ok but may be some other pilot could compliment the list a bit better?
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