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  1. Hello every one. I'm french, this is why I ask to you to excuse me for my bad English. I post this comment to tell to you that the Purge of Library Access, is abusive. Because this card is strong but not TOO strong. The abusive aspect is the combo "Inverse Temporal"/"Library Access, not "Library Access" only. When you have "LA" in your hand you have 3 chooses. Discard this card > Without that, this card will be considerate as a chain. Use this card > If you have got only this card : Purge it uselessly. If you have got an other Logos card, pray to have another Logos card ; is not profitable. Keep this card > Until it's profitable (wait again 3 logos card, for exemple), in other words, it's a chain. It's only cause there are decks/players who play with THIS specific combo, this card is nerfed. My suggestion is : Apply the effect literally ! It's like that I played before the purge. "For the remainder of the turn, each time you play another card, draw A card" only ONE each time, even you played this card 1, 2 or 3 times. With this new text, the combo is strong too, but not abusive. Cause the purge, the card is totally useless. If you purge even with this suggestion, you can measure this decision with the archive. "When LA is used, archive LA." or "When LA is used, your opponent archive LA." Purge is as the famous combo : abusive. Thanks for you reading. And sorry again for my English.
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