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  1. Regarding her weakness, automatic evasion does not work because you don't technically succeed the evasion.
  2. All artists so far have access to Mystic : Jim, Marie, Sefina, Lola. In Lovecraft's novels, artists always see what other's can't. I bet she'll have access to Mystic, probably Survivor 0-5, Mystic 0-2. When I saw Mandy I told myself "wow, an investigator that can fish her deck for the right card, this is gonna be fun". And then comes Patrice ... Cards that comes to my mind : Cornered, Improvised Weapon, Winging it, Gravedigger Shovel, Lantern, Eucatastrophe, Rise to the Occasion, Last Chance, Cherished Keepsake, Leather Coat, Madame Labranche, Take Heart, Trial by Fire, Fight or Flight, Yaotl Mystic cards don't play into her style but if she have access to them she will not have the problem other mystics have : she will draw her spells pretty quickly.
  3. The "Max one Research ability per search" clause on Occult Evidence has me thinking we'll get other cards with research abilities this cycle, which is great !
  4. So far, we had 4 Intellect investigators for all classes except Survivor. It's even worse, appart from Wendy who has 3, they all have 2 (0 for Calvin). I would love a 4 Intellect Survivor and I feel that Gloria Goldberg fill that spot nicely.
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