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  1. My local game store doesnt have the largest community of tabletop players (its a tiny town) but of the 5 they received they only had 1 left, which i bought just so i couldnt miss out. Only played the temple of yig so far (twice though) and have enjoyed it thus far. Just a shame I cant play as frequently as my group meets once a week to play games so we only slowly get to experience things on new expansions.
  2. So I played the hidden depths scenario today and without spoiling anything it went great. However at the end one of my friends told me his agenda card didn't match the prompts given in-game. He swears it told him his goal was to make sure as few survivors make it out despite his agenda being human. I'm wondering in situations like this do you follow the app, or the agenda card?
  3. Scenario : Rising Tide App version: v1.7.4(849) OS: PC/Steam Problem: After dispelling the ritual, completing the investigation, the ending cutscene is not voice-acted. Replicated twice back-to-back. Restarting the app didn't solve the problem either.
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