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  1. I had the same question about chaining swarm tactics. According to this thread, you can chain it.
  2. I like the idea of downgrading r2d2 to a regular R2 to switch Dutch to Norra Wexley to make that y-wing a fair bit tougher. If you feel like you don't need the extra locks bad enough...you could make the y-wing annoying to kill.
  3. I had some success in our local tournament with Luke, Garven, and Dutch all carrying proton torpedoes. That's 3 sets of doubled modded torps at initiative 4/5. People also sometimes managed to get within range 1...and still eat double modded 4 dice x-wing lasers. It beat down lower init things hard, but got beat up by a guy flying scum aces very very well.
  4. wait...can you chain swarm tactics off of each other like that to make all 3 shoot at i6 even though the blade squadron vet is i3? Because that's intriguing....
  5. I'm just a noob at this game, but I do like how many opportunities there are for free focus. It seems to a bit hard to give Wedge double mods due to him moving last (Jake has to end up near Wedge before Wedge moves), but shooting first (Garven would have to spend his focus before Wedge shoots). But the initiative 4 guys are gonna have plenty of chances for free focus. And Wedge is pretty mean even without it.
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