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  1. I agree Sleight of Hand and Knowledge is Power (which are similar cards) both needed tweaking, especially with the old Taboo for SoH which needed to be brought down a notch and all the new Tomes and Spells making KiP too powerful. The idea of getting other cards into decks is a good one. Quick Thinking and Amanda was a good catch.
  2. Agreed. Maybe not 3 years ago, when the options for how to abuse a card were more limited, but these days, there are so many other ways to accomplish things. I have always liked DoN, but have never been in a situation that could really exploit it. I can see Double Double and DoN do some serious harm too. But even with the ways DoN can be abused, a lot of stars wild have to align, for all of those cards to be available at the same time and everyone being at the same location to use them. I would think those experiences would be more the exception than the rule. I think something more along the line of, “No other cards may be committed to a skill test while using DoN” would have bought it back closer to its original inception I will miss it. 😢 Machete’s change is appropriate and Thank you Matt for making Higher Education feasible again. I’be been waiting for a Mr Rook change for a while, although I anticipated it would be +3.
  3. My only issue is the Facebook /Twitter thing. I haven’t been on either one for over a year. This forum is pretty much my social media, (along with the handful of family members I follow on Instagram). It is shocking the amount of time I can waste doing nothing but scrolling around. I probably spend too much time on this forum, but at least it’s my only vice!😉 At least, FFG is being pretty up front about it’s intentions and I respect that. And they are giving something back. I guess like most things, it’s double sided. The more people play the game we all love, the more content FFG will produce. So it’s a way of getting the lovers of the game spread the word in a way that is less about rules etc and focuses on the play experience and how different it can be with the same scenario. Which is free advertising, yes, but more effective advertising than if they spent oodles and gobs in a more traditional way, so I get it. It benefits current players in the long haul. It’s also fun to share and hear about other people’s experiences, so it’s not like it’s an unpleasant undertaking! If it just weren’t Facebook and Twitter...(but that’s my issue, I realize) I will say this. If FFG wants this to work, they had better put their money where our mouths are and start re-printing stuff that’s out of stock pronto and start keeping it in stock, so that the new players and even some more recent ones, have campaign and scenario experiences to share and be able to buy the campaigns and scenarios they are hearing about. Otherwise this is doomed to fail. I mean like pulling Ancient Evils in every Mythos phase doomed!
  4. Yes. Only Barkham player and Investigator cards are specific to that scenario. Keeping the investigator decks separate or including the cards for general play is up to you. The only thing we noticed it that the random basic weaknesses created for the pre built investigators are pretty geared to that investigator. Some of those weaknesses would be a non issue to other investigators. So we don’t use them in the general pool and if we play one of them, we give them the one they came with. That is just us though.
  5. Yes. You would choose which weapon you want to use for each fight action. There are cards that you can use in tandem with an asset in play or an action you take to improve chances or increase the outcome. For example, if you have the skill card Vicious Blow in your hand you can apply it to your attack with whichever weapon you are using, or even if you decide to attack without a weapon. If you succeed, it will deal +1 damage.
  6. You are probably ok. The blessing tokens from Sister Mary seem to impact the chaos bag more the fewer investigators there are. We are playing with 4 and they come back out fairly quickly. Except when Patrice puts 4 more in! This mechanic does mess with Jacqueline Fine’s ability somewhat, but I think Father Mateo should be ok. He should play with Sister Mary, if for no other reason than to thank her for some more “blessed” cards to work with!
  7. I remember our first time through Rougarou, we somehow missed one of the instructions on an act card and actually did what we were supposed to without knowing it, so continued running around until we were defeated. We had to play the whole thing over again and almost missed the same instruction again! I can’t remember what it was, but doing it right did help! Stupid werewolves, they are so distracting!
  8. Guardians of the Abyss stands the test of time for me. Still one of the best standalones in the game. Last time we played it, it was as a prequel to Dream Eaters. We didn’t carry our XP over, but did bring our goodies back to Arkham. It was very thematic. The mangy mutt who kept following me around in the Bazaar kind of became my Guard Dog. I couldn’t just leave him behind to become someone’s dinner, so in gratitude he followed me everywhere (or maybe it was because of the stinky Egyptian cheese I always had on hand. I was never sure). I do have to say he was very uncomfortable in Ulthar. Never showed his face once!
  9. Watch This! was one of his staples when we played him too. He never set any cats on fire, but needed “You take this One” because he kept getting his hand stuck in his hat looking for stuff and pulling out something completely useless!
  10. I know what you mean. I made our tokens by stealing an idea off of Etsy (I feel kind of bad, but saved a bundle). My husband loves to really mix the tokens in the chaos bag and the coin covers kept cracking. So luckily, I was able to make the blessing/curse tokens while we were waiting.
  11. If you haven’t already, I suggest getting Pathfinder with Trish, especially of she doesn’t have Leo. It’s almost like having an extra action every round.
  12. We recently finished RttFA with Ursula, William using a lot of Nathaniel cards (Survivors have a lot of spirit cards) and Jacqueline with her deck cards only. She ended up being pretty powerful. Two days ago, we started Innsmouth with some friends which we will play monthly. We usually wait for the whole campaign to release, so this will be interesting. They have the core set, Dunwich and TFA, but nothing else, so we gave them first dibs on any investigator. Jacqueline was chosen by one. He wants to see how well FFG has done with the new investigator pack, so is limiting himself to just her cards and cards released in Innsmouth. The other investigator they chose was my beloved Patrice, who has already made a new convert. I’m playing Trish who I have been waiting and waiting for and she dies not disappoint. She and Obfuscation are made for each other. And last, but in no way least, we have “Sister Mary the Boxing Nun” (fresh from running the youth program at the Arkham YWCA), smiling sweetly at her enemies, just before she KO’s them. (Her habit’s wide sleeves hide her gloves, so they never see her coming.) It’s a gaggle of girls, but we’ll get the job done!
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