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  1. Which is just about 6 fewer than 100! Its because penguins don’t have fingers...
  2. Which is just about 6 fewer than 100! I maybe it’s because penguins don’t have fingers. They just guess!
  3. Probably right. Although it also says he is playing the event from a connecting location, so it is a little ambiguous.
  4. Hmmm. Never thought about Storm of Spirits that way. But his card does say he can play one event “as if he were at a connecting location” not that he actually is at that location while playing it. Semantics I realize, but I am all about the loopholes. He is a dreamer after all. Is he really there??
  5. I am running him in RtPoC while we are waiting for more of Dream-Eaters to release and am really enjoying him. But yes, that 5 is tough, especially since Mystic and Seeker allies are notoriously bad in helping out with damage. I bought Bulletproof Vest for the first time in ages, but it really clashes with his cool 70’s vibe!
  6. Curiouser and curiouser.... I can hardly wait!
  7. We just started playing a year ago and ended up buying everything that was out over the course of two months. We decided to only add the cards for the Mythos pack of whatever we were playing and added them gradually that way. It was kind of like Christmas, opening the next pack of cards before leveling up. It took great restraint, but it was fun.
  8. Oh yeah, you got it at GenCon right? It sounds like so much fun. I love the whole crazy idea of it. Sounds like a good time was had by all! Hopefully next year for us. 🤞🏻
  9. It sounds like it was so much fun!! How do you think the Blob will play with fewer people? We did Labyrinths with a small group and were a little underwhelmed.
  10. We got about the same as Soakman in the first two. I think that Abyss is a great side scenario for Dream-Eaters, thematically and otherwise. We tackled it with pretty beefy investigators after Carcosa the first time we played it and survived.
  11. Yup! You aren’t just whistling in the dark!
  12. It seems likely. Just be careful it doesn’t come in contact with the Blob...
  13. Genius! Everyone gets a resource and an extra action.
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