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    Rmcarrier1 reacted to Divad in New rules...   
    Regarding FFG's focus on nerfing overpowered cards and seemingly neglecting over-costed ones; they did mention that the RRG is now a living reference similar to X-Wing and Legion. Thus hopefully once the dust settles further point adjustments based on statistics will occur on a semi-regular basis.
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    Rmcarrier1 reacted to Grumbleduke in Hardcell article   
    Rune Haako is a reverse Comms Net, that works on multiple tokens at once, and has its own supply.
    You start with 2 tokens of any type on the card. When you (the ship) reveals a command dial, you pick any other friendly ship at distance 1-5 of your ship (so it doesn't work when the ship is on its own).
    You then grab any number of tokens from that other ship and/or the card and move them to the ship you are currently activating.
    If you put him on the Hardcell obviously you'd only be grabbing one token at once, presumably to fuel your Fleet Support, or for an emergency. He might be better on a higher Command ship as then you'd be able to benefit from grabbing multiple tokens.
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    Rmcarrier1 reacted to Rayster in Hardcell article   
    I think you need a friendly ship at distance 1-5 to do this part too. "...you may choose another friendly ship at distance 1-5. If you do..." then the three options you've listed. So if all your friendly ships have died and Haako still has tokens, I don't think his ability will work.
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    Rmcarrier1 reacted to codytx2 in New rules...   
    Under Status Phase pg 20 the rules say to ready all exhausted defense tokens and upgrade cards. The reason to take turns paying cost on non-recurring upgrades is each player may not have enough tokens to ready each card so each player has a chance to react to what the other is doing. Once one player runs out the remaining one would finish paying their ready costs on other cards. 
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    Rmcarrier1 reacted to hufflazon in New rules...   
    I really don't think that's the spirit of the rule because it would mean that if I just didn't bring any exhaust cards all of yours would be single use. You mean I can totally shut down your APTs and ECMs in list building? Yes please. I'm pretty sure they would have thought of that.
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    Rmcarrier1 got a reaction from Formynder4 in New rules...   
    That's not how I interpret this (your interpretation in italics). As written, I interpret this rule as meaning players take turns until one player has no more cards to ready. Both players are still able to ready all exhausted cards (so long as they can pay the cost). Just like a player with more ships can continue to activate after his/her opponent runs out.
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    Rmcarrier1 reacted to Captain Corvid in Clone Wars Expansion Teaser Art   
    Thanks a lot. I can't unsee it now! 🤢 🤮 🤬🤬🤬
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    Rmcarrier1 reacted to The Jabbawookie in Hardcell article   
    It's even a real link and everything!
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    Rmcarrier1 reacted to Petersaber in Hardcell article   
    "The ship could be an unconventional pick to fend off incoming enemy squadrons with some Reactive Gunnery, for example, making its defense tokens even more versatile."
    Great idea, take an upgrade that will be useful *only* against squadrons (Hardcell can't Salvo against ships. All lists have ships, not all lists have squadrons). No thanks, I'd rather have literally any other upgrade of that slot. Yes, even Cluster Bombs.
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    Rmcarrier1 reacted to Antonio_F in New rules...   
    I think that just means you won't be taking turns anymore, i.e. just ready all your cards in any order (while paying the cost).
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    Rmcarrier1 reacted to Formynder4 in Ship traits added in 1.5   
    Gernes said in the Gencon interview I believe that they're just keywords for ships, and will restrict certain upgrades, much like Clone Gunners.
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    Rmcarrier1 got a reaction from Chamberlin in Idea for new OT Wave (Squads, MC40 and Dreadnought)   
    This might be an unpopular opinion amongst the player community, but I view the Empire and Rebels as complete factions. Bring on the prequels and sequels, I say.
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    Rmcarrier1 reacted to Stay OT Leader in Showcase: Nantex-class Starfighter   
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    Rmcarrier1 reacted to S36637 in Showcase: Nantex-class Starfighter   
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    Rmcarrier1 reacted to apoapsis in Showcase: Tie Silencer   
    Converted up this Kylo a while ago but not had much chance to use it yet!
    More photos here
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    Rmcarrier1 reacted to TV0R in Showcase: Tie Silencer   
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    Rmcarrier1 reacted to Marcus Starkiller in Showcase: Lando's Millennium Falcon & Escape Craft   
    The Cunning Amaran is a modified CEC YT-1300 Light Freighter currently owned by a male human and his male amaran life partner.
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    Rmcarrier1 reacted to Brother Fett in Showcase: Lando's Millennium Falcon & Escape Craft   
    Here is my Falcon I had my dad paint for me. He is a professional air brush artist (this is is website if you want to check out his stuff: https://www.warmachinetees.com). He is also into modeling and plays x-wing with me. I convinced him to try his hand. It turned out great! My color scheme is dark orange and dark gray.  Enjoy!

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    Rmcarrier1 reacted to thestag in New First Order Ship (Dissident-class Cruiser?)   
    Why is that ship throwing Pop Rocks at the moon? *POPPOPPOP*
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    Rmcarrier1 got a reaction from Chamberlin in Will we need to move the forum?   
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    Rmcarrier1 got a reaction from 54NCH32 in 54NCH32 Legion Paintworks [011220 - STAP 1 / Leader]   
    Some of the cleanest, most crisp miniatures paint jobs I’ve seen. Period. Superb job.
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    Rmcarrier1 reacted to Matroskin in Maul: Lord of the Surf   
    Finished up Maul, demonstrating why he is a Surf Lord!

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    Rmcarrier1 reacted to 54NCH32 in 54NCH32 Legion Paintworks [011220 - STAP 1 / Leader]   
    ARC squad complete!

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    Rmcarrier1 reacted to Polda in Transmogrifier's Rebels (update 11/29/20)   
    I think I'm in love with Captain Paul F. Tompkins over here
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    Rmcarrier1 reacted to Transmogrifier in Transmogrifier's Rebels (update 11/29/20)   
    After cranking out an army in 6 weeks I'm back to my own army and a more...deliberate...pace.

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