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  1. We both could be (though not at the same time). Clearly not worded very well. I would add, however, that there is a reason to have players take this step in turn: to ensure the cost is actually being paid.
  2. That's how I interpret it as well.
  3. That's not how I interpret this (your interpretation in italics). As written, I interpret this rule as meaning players take turns until one player has no more cards to ready. Both players are still able to ready all exhausted cards (so long as they can pay the cost). Just like a player with more ships can continue to activate after his/her opponent runs out.
  4. I own several FFG mats and am very, very happy with them. I wouldn’t buy anything but mousepad after using them.
  5. Spotted in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge #4. This ship is unnamed in the issue, but it doesn't appear to be either a Resurgent or Maxima-A (unless the artist has taken extensive liberties). It has visual similarities with the Mandator IV, but is clearly a different class (it looks like the old Vindicator cruiser in some ways). Looking at Wikipedia, there aren't a lot of options for what this might be, but it's possible it's a Dissident-class cruiser. Either way, it's one more step towards expanding the First Order's selection of capital ships -- the Onager existed in a single image before being plucked from obscurity by Brooks and brought into the game.
  6. I don’t know what the competition is, but you win.
  7. Fantastic work. These all look terrific. Tremendous talent in this forum.
  8. Fantastic work! The LED lightsabers look terrific and the paint jobs are great.
  9. Some of the cleanest, most crisp miniatures paint jobs I’ve seen. Period. Superb job.
  10. These things are squishy. Jango Fett, for example, is aligned with the Separatists in X-Wing even though there’s an argument to be made that he should probably be Scum (his Separatists loyalties being mostly contractual, after all). But Scum already had Boba Fett and the faction needed a heavy hitter — thus, Jango goes to the Separatists. And so it goes with the Starhawk. It’s neither Resistance or Rebel, but it’s closer to the latter than the former (and the faction needed an SSD/Onager counterpart). Grumbleduke’s comment regarding eras, rather than organizations, gets it right.
  11. No hesitation here! The promise of new factions is far more exciting to me than the promise of more and more ships for the Empire and Rebels.
  12. Once per “attack step” (before maneuver step) and once after the maneuver step if it chooses. Thanks go to @Formynder4 and @Grumbleduke for the explanations above.
  13. So the second attack isn’t considered as occurring “during the attack step.” I can see that logic though think the card’s wording could be improved. (E.g., ”... can perform a second attack after...” or “perform an attack after...”)
  14. It appears that you now only get to shoot once (before or after movement): During your Attack step, you can perform only 1 attack. You can perform 1 of your attacks after you execute your first maneuver during your activation.
  15. Thanks @xanderf and @Triangular — I was overlooking the single command resolution.
  16. Can someone help me understand this? As written (The next attack you perform this activation can be performed from this hull zone), I don’t see how the re-worded card prevents triple attacks from the same hull zone (against different targets). Is the implication because it now requires a command? So it’s still possible, simply less likely? Or am I missing something? Thanks!
  17. James Clyne recently posted the render for the ship second from left (top row) to his Instagram account, confirming it as the MC95B.
  18. You might have to remove everything after .PNG to view the link.
  19. Yeah, generics drop like flies. Especially TIEs. I kind of wish that wasn’t the case.
  20. This might be an unpopular opinion amongst the player community, but I view the Empire and Rebels as complete factions. Bring on the prequels and sequels, I say.
  21. I understand why the Consulars are painted the way they are (this is how they appear in Clone Wars), but personally, I think the red with white paint job from Ep. I is more iconic.
  22. Umbarran tech looks so cool. Truly “sci-fi” in its design.
  23. He or she is on Twitter as well. If you have an account, you could try Direct Message or simply tag him/her with your question.
  24. What a great looking match! Love the paint jobs on both sides. Well done. The grey paneling and red outlines really help bring a bit of character to the black.
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