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  1. Here you go: Republic Fleet Starter Republic Squadron Pack Upgrade Card Collection (Out of stock) Dial Pack
  2. Pre-ordered direct from FFG several months ago. I purchased the Separatist fleet starter and squadron pack (one of each).
  3. I received my starter fleet, squadron pack and upgrade card collection yesterday. So yes. As to general availability, I can't answer.
  4. If you were to buy one Munificent and two Hardcells individually, perhaps. But what about those of us who just want one additional Munificent? Or one additional Hardcell? That's the value of individual ship packs: choice.
  5. Agreed, these are all very well done.
  6. I have little doubt. The ISD-II costs 120 points. I suspect (indeed, I expect) the Venator will be less. Probably less than or equal to the ISD-I’s cost, in fact.
  7. For what it's worth, this ship was actually re-canonized (canon, as in canonical) in the Star Wars Rebels episode "A Fool's Hope."
  8. I received my Separatist starter set in the mail today; the Munificent is one of the best sculpts to date! Love it.
  9. Fair enough. Well my current table is too small (in practice) and I don’t want a giant table, so two smaller tables it is.
  10. Why the confused response to my post, @RealVeers ? Now I'm confused. Two 6x2.5' tables makes a 6x5' play surface. Self-evident, no?
  11. I've seen AMG ask for game tester applications (presumably for Crisis Protocol) via Twitter, so that might be the way going forward. Who knows? Thanks for the response.
  12. Thank you for being such an integral part of the game. The play testers deserve tremendous credit. First Order and Resistance, please! (Hey, someone has to advocate for it! There aren't many of us here, by all accounts!) Out of curiosity, were the play testers all local to Minnesota? This might be well-known to everyone but me, but how are play testers selected? From the National and World championships, or by application, or both?
  13. Agreed. The Acclamator has 7 hull, the VSD has 8, Interdictor 9, and ISD 11 (if memory serves). I’m guessing the Venator has 10.
  14. See @GhostofNobodyInParticular ‘s response. Outside of tournaments, you can do anything so long as both players agree.
  15. Which I hope we can both agree is a ridiculously small and arbitrary number, and means nothing, right? Because Essex carriers carried over 100 fighters in WWII. And by my measurements, they’re about, oh, 13 miles shorter than an SSD. 😁
  16. Are we making bets? If so, I’m guessing the Venator will have Squadron 4. The Invisible Hand will have the same. The Lucrehulk will have Squadron 5 (same as the Star Dreadnought prototype). Squadron 6? No chance. The Exector-II has Squadron 6. Only time will tell! But hopefully I remember this post when I’m proven right. 😉
  17. Outside of a strict tournament setting, one could always just flip a card over to exhaust it, rather than rotating it. That would save space.
  18. Two command tokens seems too powerful. Removing one shield seems not powerful enough. That’s no different that rolling a single hit. Overall, I’m not quite sure how I feel about this.
  19. Terrific, thanks. Seriously considering this.
  20. Interesting. Do you cut the peg off the ship and then glue magnets to the ship and stand? What process do you use?
  21. Wow, that’s cool. I never made that connection.
  22. I haven’t played with the new cards but I am planning to replace my 6x3 table (which required us to place cards in the play area) with two 6x2.5 tables in preparation for the new, bigger cards.
  23. I vaguely recall this. Didn't Michael Gernes say they wanted to focus on getting Clone Wars to market before they made any changes to the old factions? Or something like that?
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