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  1. 25 minutes ago, BrickDaniels said:

    Well shoot. I made a bunch of others, but I just learned that I only have a 500 kb global attachment limit on this forum. And I already hit it. ****!

    Imgur will let you host images online for free. You can then grab the URL for the image and paste it into your post.

  2. 1 hour ago, Cruzer said:

    At the same time, each really just is too much of a departure from the usual two options. I'm all for more varied ship-types for each mini, but there's literally no precedent for changing yaw or defense tokens between types. It's too much variation and, especially for Harrow, holds the danger of just outright rendering the original two ship-types completely obsolete. Really, they work just fine as upgrades that can apply to exactly 1 ship of the specified type each.

    This. As someone who fields VSDs quite often (I own three of them, and not a single ISD), I can tell you: if I could run multiple VSDs with Support Team built in and a Speed 1 yaw value of 2, I would never run a VSD-I or II again.

  3. On 12/11/2020 at 9:52 PM, KiraYamatoSF said:

    I just hope we still get the "at least 1 wrong thing in the article" when AMG takes over.

    And at least half a dozen typos. ;)

  4. 13 hours ago, Vontoothskie said:

    The only one I really dislike is the second image, the one that looks like a Hind helicopter in an Infinity style cyberpunk universe.

    Agreed, the Nihil ships look terribly generic. They could hail from any number of fictional universes not called "Star Wars" and I wouldn't be able to tell you the difference.

  5. 5 hours ago, catachanninja said:

    Brooks was let got months ago, shortly before adepticon. I don't think they've moved onto anything else yet.  Frank is the only person I haven't heard anything on. I had the opportunity to talk to him at worlds and he said he was still with ffg but not working on x-wing.

    As an Armada player, all I can say is wow. Gernes and Brooks were the game's two primary designers, having spearheaded most of the recent waves (Rebellion in the Rim, Starhawk, Onager, Clone Wars). And now they're both gone. Again, wow.

  6. I'll use any excuse to advocate for a new Extra Large base, so let me use this thread to do just that. If ISDs and Starhawks are difficult to kill (particularly in Task Force matches), how hard will the Lucrehulk be to kill? Or an MC85 or Resurgent? An Extra Large base would be a good opportunity to bring half-point rules to non-Huge ships that play more like Huges than Larges. It also eliminates the need to nerf existing ships (admittedly though, Larges might become even more attractive if Extra Large were implemented; that's why I don't design the game!).

  7. 1 hour ago, ForceSensitive said:

    That'd be interesting. I wonder if that's the plan? 

    Better question at this point: is there a plan lol 😅?

    The plan: (AMG headquarters) "So we've just had three games thrown on our plates, each of which is arguably larger in scope than the current (and only) game we've been working on for the last year. What do we do?"

    "Well I guess we should learn how to play first!"

    I suspect it's going to be awhile until we see anything AMG-X-Wing, AMG Legion, or AMG Armada.

  8. It’s a good question. I wouldn’t be surprised if my interpretation is wrong, but I always figured you’re playing against the cardboard, not the plastic miniature. You should be able to play without ships so long as you have the bases, right? But again, whether tournament rules agree with me or not, I don’t know.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve done similar: my Vader squadron has one TIE Advanced flanked by two TIE/LNs.

  9. 1 hour ago, Scrivner said:

    This cis-gender white male right-winger loves every minute of every Star Wars movie (and that includes Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure with the strong female lead Cindel) and every character of every color and species in them.

    (Also, if you dislike anything Star Wars you are a nerf herder...phobe).

    I can’t like this comment enough. And don’t forget the *original* Baby Yoda: Teek!

  10. 1 hour ago, Ebak said:

    Yeah, or if we take it to an extreme. What about the Punishing One, which has exactly....0 minutes of screen time at all.

    There was this discussion when the Quadjumper came out with calls that "Why is a ship on screen for 2 seconds and claim to fame is getting blown up getting a release."

    People will come up with rather stupid reasons to stop something they don't like for being included.

    That being said it's not that @ForceSensitive was arguing for it not being included, but more that he was taking another (for the love of god when will they end) jab at the sequel trilogy.

    Speaking of which... how about the people who say “Bah, the sequels didn’t have enough ships”? Ummm, go back and watch the original trilogy and do the math. People are blinded by Legends content and confuse the two as being the same thing. Were some sequel designs updates or re-skins of existing designs? Of course, but design serves the story, not the other way around.

    If the US Navy can replace the Hornet with the Super Hornet, why then can’t the New Republic replace a T-65 with a T-70, if that’s what the writers deem appropriate?

  11. 3 hours ago, ForceSensitive said:

    Dumb question before I let this go, and I'd like to hear @KingmanHighborn on this too. Where do the women of youtube fit into this 'man baby youtube' angle your jiving on? Do opinion personalities like That Start Wars Girl and Geeky Sparkles from Clownfish TV just not matter? Or... what? Like you gotta admit, to just call out the men, some of which are distasteful granted, then isn't it misogynistic to just ignore that there are women saying the same thing on the same platform? Especially when those women are pretty staunch feminists themselves? And add to that how you reckon I could be racist for being one of the many who say Boyega got shafted in his role because he was black, when John himself has come out and said the same thing? Fair warning, my family is multiracial so... Y'know. Truly it's curious the hoops your jumping through to discredit a statement with personal attacks that are unfounded and applied in blanket statement, instead of acknowledging that the movies were just bad. 

    I ask one thing, Do not lump me in with filth who stooped to harassment of actors because of their work and not the directors, writers, and produces who created it. When I cast blame, I put it where the buck stops: The production leadership.

    Jarjar was a fun character, actually one of my favs(Shakespeare fool characters are always fun) and Ahmed is the OG trailblazer of CGacting in big budget productions by two years. You can tell Serkis to sit his tuckus down on that one and accept his second place. Tell him I said so too. Jake did nothing wrong and I blame George for any poor acting quality on that one since he sucks at writing kids lines(GL ain't good with kids actors, seriously, have you seen the IndyJones movies?) Kelly and Daisy are great and I got no qualms with them for acting a terrible script other than to say they were better than that and shouldn't of accepted roles that were beneath them. Kelly would've made a great Mulan come to think of it. Too bad D bucked that one up as well😕

    PS @Cpt ObVus we're plenty cool dude. It wouldn't be any fun if we just agreed on everything. Forums are for different ideas. Even when they clash.

    Fair enough. The women deserve equal ridicule. And I throw the Red Letter Media guys in there, too. This isn’t just about Sequel haters.

  12. On 12/5/2020 at 1:45 PM, Rmcarrier1 said:

    I haven’t played with the new cards but I am planning to replace my 6x3 table (which required us to place cards in the play area) with two 6x2.5 tables in preparation for the new, bigger cards.

    Tables procured! I now have a 6x5’ play area, which leaves each player six square feet (1’ x 6’) for cards, tokens, and accessories.

  13. 10 hours ago, ForceSensitive said:

    That's um... Just your unfounded opinion dude. Art is subjective. So here we are at the crossroads of 'what does this piece say to you?' and 'how does it make you feel?'.

    But I guess your right. Who could forget a trainwreck loaded with dumpster fires so bad that people are still making youtube videos about how bad it was, and getting props for it to boot? 😂🤣

    Yes, nothing like grown men making hour-long YouTube videos proclaiming how much they hate a children’s movie to convince me of their merit.

  14. 17 hours ago, ClassicalMoser said:

    Man the minis have been totally gutted. I can't imagine how these decisions were made.

    First Alex, now Max...

    Michael Gernes was let go from the Armada team, too. No word yet on Brooks Fluguar-Leavitt, right?

  15. 8 hours ago, Triangular said:

    One thing made me think yesterday. For me playing Republic or Separatists didn't feel any different than the old factions. That was a huge difference to the newly released Republic and Separatist factions in Legion. But maybe I was just missing some points. Nevertheless it was fun. But if you don't invest in the Clone Wars era and stick to the Galactic Civil War, you won't miss too much, I would think.

    Thanks for the observations! I'm anxious to try out my new products myself, but alas, we're still in lockdown where I live. I have a lot of gaming to catch up on.

  16. 1 hour ago, EBerling said:

    There are a lot of "dead" games that still have active (or, at least, not deactivated) forums here on the FFG site.  I would not expect FFG to shut this forum down either (though doesn't all of the 'real' Armada discussion happen on Facebook, Discord, and Reddit anyways?).

    You think you're young and hip until one day, you wake up and realize you have no idea what Discord even is.

  17. On 12/8/2020 at 6:39 AM, 5050Saint said:

    How do the Armada folks find out about their expansions pre-announcement? For X-wing, Lion Rampart Imports lists X-wing releases presumably as soon as they are informed that they will exist, as has been doing so for several waves now. They have Pheonix Cell (Rebel), Skystrike Academy (Imperial), and Fugitives and Collaborators (FO or Scum, maybe). Does Armada do the same, or did the developers actually say "we have 4 expansions coming down the pipe"?

    Interesting. I would have thought Resistance or Scum (based on Kylo’s line in VII), but Resistance just got a squadron pack in Heralds of Hope, so that can’t be it. Perhaps you’re right.

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