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  1. Yeah, generics drop like flies. Especially TIEs. I kind of wish that wasn’t the case.
  2. This might be an unpopular opinion amongst the player community, but I view the Empire and Rebels as complete factions. Bring on the prequels and sequels, I say.
  3. I understand why the Consulars are painted the way they are (this is how they appear in Clone Wars), but personally, I think the red with white paint job from Ep. I is more iconic.
  4. Umbarran tech looks so cool. Truly “sci-fi” in its design.
  5. He or she is on Twitter as well. If you have an account, you could try Direct Message or simply tag him/her with your question.
  6. What a great looking match! Love the paint jobs on both sides. Well done. The grey paneling and red outlines really help bring a bit of character to the black.
  7. The head-on shot is great. Haha. Love it. It might benefit from a wash, but other than that, love the concept.
  8. Love the yellow highlights. And my squadrons are unpainted, too. So good effort!
  9. Same. Fleet Starter, Squad Pack, and Card Pack.
  10. I’m not sure how I feel about the rule against using pass tokens twice in a row. But I’m leaning towards “against.” If the player with fewer ships has a small and finite number of pass tokens to last them the entire match (say, 3), I’m not opposed to that person spending them over consecutive turns. It just means those tokens won’t be available in subsequent rounds. It also brings unpredictability. As written, if a pass token is used, the opposing player knows that next activation, he/she doesn’t have to worry about it. A bit anti-climactic.
  11. Another wish that I’ve harped on before — new base size: Extra Large. Have it bridge the gap between Large and Huge. For example, six defense tokens with two attacks, plus half-point rules? Though it’s too late for the Starhawk to be included (it would have made a perfect first candidate), this new base could accommodate Trade Federation battleships, MC85s, and Resurgents, while offering even greater variability in how ships behave.
  12. The Fleet Support titles are cool and the updated ACM rules are exciting, if only because of what they hint at in V1.5 — great updates.
  13. Yes, totally possible it could look more muted to the naked eye.
  14. Funny, I said to myself, “Oh, the Acclamator is bigger than I thought it would be.” The Separatist ships look terrific. The Republic ships look a bit too “bright,” though. They need to be dulled or muted somehow.
  15. We might be getting previews for the Smalls starting this week.
  16. Well, the simple answer is because ISDs are supposed to be fast. Everything from the original films to the various tie-in materials support this.
  17. No doubt the Invisible Hand. I would expect at least Squad 3, perhaps even Squad 4, given the size of its hanger in RotS.
  18. Speaking of Separatist expansions, I got an email from Asmodee that mine are “shipping soon.” Anyone else?
  19. He’s definitely coming back. I wouldn’t worry. We’ll probably get him as an officer, commander, and ETA-2 ace, and we might even get him on the Twilight!
  20. I'm all for this. Bring on more asymmetry! The Republic has Adept and Dodge. The Separatists have AI. They can make do without Relay and Strategic.
  21. The answer is immediately. 😜 My wishes for V1.5 and/or Atomic Mass Armada: First Order/Resistance (I make no apologies! haha) Scum (a mostly cardboard/paper faction, with the occasional new ship release -- C-ROC flotilla with Broken Horn, for example) Greater differentiation by type between factions, rather than differentiation by degree. I think the factions should not only have unique personalities, but unique capabilities as well (the Onager takes things in this direction, but I suspect we'll see ignition arcs make the jump to the Separatists soon enough).
  22. I'm only buying one starter (and one squadron pack), but I'm in no rush to have a "competitive" 400pt build. I'll pick up the Invisible Hand in Q1 and be content with my little fleet while I wait for the real goodies: the Lucrehulk and Malevolence (fingers crossed).
  23. Not to mention Thanksgiving is next week! Very unfortunate.
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