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  1. My brother-in-law are actually in the midst of a Corellian Conflict campaign at the moment, but I'm very much looking forward to having a go at Rebellion in the Rim. I'm particularly interested in the Task Force format. 200 points, no limit on squadrons, and no commander required. Very, very interesting. As others have said though, the three-act structure with pivotal battles at the end of each is slightly confusing and odd. I'm not sure what's gained there.
  2. Useless? Perhaps not. But popular? That's a definite negative, Ghost Rider! 😂 https://starwars-armada.fandom.com/wiki/Insidious
  3. Actually (as far as I understand it, anyway), the reason the beam was visible across the galaxy was because it was traveling through hyperspace, and not real space. Essentially, the same thing that allowed the beam to reach Hosnian Prime in seconds also allowed its path to be visible instantaneously (think how you can see a laser beam as it passes through a medium). Now, is that how science works? Of course not, but Star Wars is and has always been fantasy anyway, not science fiction. But in terms of "making sense" within the rules of the universe, it works in my mind. Some light reading about something that's completey made up: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Starkiller_Base 😉😉
  4. But then what would they be mad about? 😉 Half of what Star Wars fans hold as sacrosanct were featured in the original films for 30 seconds or less. They let the context of living with the original films for 30 years -- and absorbing the various tie-in materials, from books and comics to video games -- provide greater meaning and emphasis to elements of the story than the story itself ever did. How many X-Wing players list the TIE Interceptor as their favorite ship? Or the B-Wing? Or the A-Wing? All were given 30 seconds of screen time (or less!) in Return of the Jedi. Suffice to say, I'm with you on this one. But that's just one man's opinion! Not meaning to throw stones! 😂
  5. Thanks, guys! Appreciate the prompt responses!
  6. As someone who has never competed before, what's the standard procedure here? Can you just show up day of, or do you have to reserve a spot with the store in advance? I'm definitely intrigued, and am within relatively easy driving distance of both SoCal stores.
  7. You can go ahead and include me in the "For" column. I'd love to see Wedge make an appearance. It will be a nice nod to old characters that takes nothing away from the new cast.
  8. Actually, I would say those are great reasons, that make perfect logical sense. Haha.
  9. I’ll admit that I still think they should have brought the Silencer back for another appearance, but I’m really, really liking the Whisper. If the TIE/SF is an FA-18F Super Hornet, the Whisper is an EA-18G Growler. Very cool.
  10. Don’t forget the Whisper and Whisper/Interceptor (Kylo’s Ship)!
  11. It was cloaked! Haha. Clever. I’ll give you the TIE Advanced; I forgot about that one. Though my general point still stands.
  12. Brooks grew up watching Episode 1 on VHS? Wait, how old is he?! I assumed he was old enough to have seen ESB in the theater! haha
  13. I could totally see that being the case. I'm struggling to see how they can differentiate it from the TIE/SF. Being exclusive to the Knights of Ren could be one way to do it. Or perhaps, at long last, we'll see a Star Wars ship with a cloaking device? (It's possible one of the cartoons has already done this, but I'm not aware of it.)
  14. I must say, I actually really enjoyed Kaz as a character. He has a great heart, is a terrific pilot, and I must admit to even finding him quite humorous. Very much looking forward to Season 2! And the TIE/FO Bomber looks terrific. Can't wait to see it in action on the show. And perhaps in Episode IX? Though with the TIE Echelon supposedly making an appearance, along with the all-new TIE Dagger, TIE Whisper, and TIE Whisper/Interceptor (Kylo's replacement for the Silencer), I can't imagine how they'd be able to fit it in. Lest we forget, the original trilogy had just three TIE variants TOTAL (and yes, I'm lumping the TIE shuttle and bomber together).
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