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  1. If you are interested in a fantasy game, Runebound 3rd edition may be to your liking. Runebound 3rd has a map of hexes to move around on and player movement as well as some card events are tied to using dice. You will have a character card and can acquire ability, gear, and trophy cards (spent to learn abilities), but these aren't required to be held in hand (I lay them out by my character card). Combat utilizes double sided tokens instead of dice, but it brings some interesting strategy into character building and then performing combat. There are two rulebooks: One is a rules reference appendix type while the other is a how to play that walks one through initial setup and then has rules adeptly grouped for understanding main portions of the game with good examples. So you'll initially be using the how to play manual for your first game or two, but should quickly just need to refer to the rules reference a few times when new situations arise. I feel Runebound 3rd plays best at 2-3 players; the game will take about an hour per player to play. There is a built in time tracker that will end a game after so many rounds. The base game can usually be found on Amazon for $26 or less, but it and all of the expansions are now out of print. For $26 the base game gets you a lot of content with plenty of replayability.
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