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  1. Yeah thank god, wouldn't want this game to devolve into a music video for "Can't Touch This" where nearly every game goes to time. That would be horrendous.
  2. "Thing is awful...discuss" is just another way to say "My favorite thing doesn't have an obvious top meta list so I have to be creative. Give me answers or join my pitty party if you have none."
  3. There's a fair bit of nostalgia in that big long list of movies they have, but nostalgia can only go so far, and more often than not my nostalgia remembers things much better than they actually were.
  4. Anyone else wish there was an option on Disney+ "I only want the Mandalorian. I don't have kids. All the rest of this crap is useless."? Pay per episode like iTunes does with music. That would be nice.
  5. I'm kinda sad the four Starvipers didn't win worlds. Would have been fun to watch the complete meltdown of the internet.
  6. People lost their **** minds over those lists. We rejoiced when second edition was announced and we didn't have to deal with them anymore.
  7. Yeah, trip ups was one of them. Super interesting and fun 😒
  8. "Interesting puzzle" is what they call lists that are not fun for most players. I'd rather continue with the rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock game than have it boiled down to a puzzle/solution meta. They'll let it exist just long enough to sell most of their Nantex stock then we'll see it shoved out of the way for the next really fun and incredibly engaging puzzle.
  9. Touche, you must have kids to see the pun matrix like that.
  10. Plo Koon template set on the prize wall. Great, there went all my plans. Time to grab my rake and hoe to start farming.
  11. Just noticed that they've said that requirements must be met to add to the queue AND when the ability resolves. That's a huge nerf to a lot of things. It's preventing a lot of dumb stuff players were trying with "well it was true when I added it to the queue".
  12. Explain this to me like I'm 12. "A requirement for an ability is a conditional if-statement" "If an ability instruct you to make a choice, such as choosing a ship, that is not itself a requirement to initiate an ability." How does one parse Old Teroch? It has a non requirement prior to a requirement? "At the start of the Engagement Phase, you may choose 1 enemy ship at range 1. If you do and you are in its , it removes all of its green tokens."
  13. That or we all bum rush whatever developer gets suckered into being marshal on the first day. I get the feeling they don't really know what it all means or how to resolve things so they release it into the community and look at our panic as their beta period. We are the playtesters!
  14. One week till worlds, what are the chances we actually get the promised forum rulings to explain what the heck was going on with that last rules reference? It would be nice to know before we get there.
  15. Excellent, glad to hear they are paying attention to it. Thanks for the summary.
  16. Didn't get to watch, but did they address the fast that a huge percentage of games go to time? Why is the primary win condition nearly impossible?
  17. I feel like the Brits need to write an article for us. I hear they are amazing at queuing. Or can we get a BestCoastQueuing app? FFG: "Revealed dial is exactly what's printed on the cardboard so you don't have to remember abilities that have or have not affected it." Also FFG: "Have fun remembering all the stuff in this queue as you remove things and trigger other things and execute abilities that aren't even valid because they were at one point."
  18. The thing that really amazes me about the TIE Aggressor is that it's never been good and nobody has ever really cared.
  19. The most mad I am about this wave is that I only need to buy two ships, but that leaves me $70 from free shipping from CoolStuffInc.
  20. I completely agree here. The ability for them to drastically change the meta via points has made for a great environment in second edition so far. I'm glad they've had the guts to make big changes instead of such tiny tweaks that terrible ships continue to be terrible and the oppressive stuff stays oppressive.
  21. I think I've gotten to the point that the only reason I want new ships to come out is to continue FFG support of the game. If they could guarantee the competitive scene would be supported and new players would continue to buy in, I couldn't care less if another new ship or upgrade was ever made. In fact, the chance that some new stupid card like snap shot ruining a perfectly wholesome game scares me more. Which kinda leads me to my next though. How much longer do we have with this game until it goes the way of Imperial Assault and Armada? We run out of new stuff and the community slows down and OP support drops off. How long can this go on?
  22. "But the net list I chose crushed in my one practice game against that one guy I always play against two days before my hyperspace. Why did I not get top 4?" - Local league player As with any skill, the more time you put into it the better you're going to be. And the tools you use are going to make that effort pay off. Using proven tools is smart. Some people don't want to play 20+ games with the same list. They just need to accept that they are not likely to make it to the top table.
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