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  1. Hi Andrew, I'm a card-carrying FFG fan -- bi-monthly TI games, full Legion, Armada and IA fleets, and far too many Destiny dice for a New York apartment -- so first wanted to say thank you and "keep it up!" I had two broad questions that I've seen a lot of passionate debate around in the community, and would love whatever insight you can provide: 1.) How are you thinking about expanding the channels & uses for FFG's incredible IP? A Netrunner or Twilight Imperium TV series or video game would be great content and effective marketing. 2.) Can you speak to some of the challenges with board game production (long lead times, factory minimums, forecasting)? I hear a lot of frustration from players chasing that last Armada Arquitens, and thought it would be helpful to understand the context and decision-making. Thank you for doing this! Cheers, Blake
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