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  1. Thank you both for the feedback. It sounds like I might be playing too cautiously for her weakness, and playing too poor for Dark Horse. I've thought about trying to go a bit more of a rich Lola with Watch This and Double or Nothing to cash in, then take Keen Eye or Streetwise. These could easily make up the difference for dropping Dark Horse, and they could be available from the start of the mission. With the taboo list Streetwise is very expensive though... but permanents are completely safe from her weakness. Maybe that's the answer. I'll think on that... maybe I can change up the labrynth deck before we play Saturday. Thanks again
  2. So I love characters that are frauds. Actors and charlatans. Lola was the investigator I prefered playing in the Eldritch Horror board game, and I've been eyeing her since she came out in the card game... Since I only had 1 collection for my group to play out of, and with her needing to dive into at least 3 classes, I never really felt I could play her. I just started with a group on TTS though - and with the unlimited collection I am eager to get to playing Lola. I went to arkhamdb and checked out a few decks and played a handful of missions, but I feel I'm missing something... I get that she isn't exactly top tier, but I feel I'm not able to perform well enough for the team. I'd just like to ask for anyone's opinion of her, how to play her, and maybe some deck critique. Here is the deck I'm playing now. I think we're a bit passed half way through the Circle Undone campaign: https://arkhamdb.com/deck/view/426043 My playstyle has been focusing on pumping lore and agility, using ornate bow for combat and hoping I don't die... One of my team-mates has done some amazing stuff with double or nothing, and since the bow is shoot -> reload -> shoot I thought a double shot would be pretty good. I only just added crystaline elder sign, I haven't used it yet. The team didn't seem too concerned about losing their +1 token, we usually plan for +2-3 on important checks anyway. We're going to do Labyrinths of Lunacy soon and here is my deck for that: https://arkhamdb.com/deck/view/451234 Anyway - any tips for her or critiques of my decks would be appreciated. Thanks !
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