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  1. Unfortunately, some of us don't have an FLGS nearby that sells legion. It sucks, and makes it hard to support small local businesses.
  2. I think for some people, myself included, this is their first foray into a miniatures game that includes the painting side of the hobby. So, when the paint sets were announced it seemed like a quick and easy way for people, with a lack of knowledge in the area, to jump into painting without having to stress about it. The problem is that no one guessed that a delay would occur, and now they are waiting if they preordered it.
  3. Absolutely love the dwarf spider droid. Its interesting though because its effectively engaged both vehicles and infantry in the clone wars TV show. It could make for a possible hard point slot to highlight that. Who knows.
  4. I believe the 3 paint sets are supposed to come out this month as well.
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