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  1. That's great to hear! We look forward to seeing what you develop. Please consider giving the Setting Notebook a rating and review on DriveThruRPG. That helps us spread the word to more aspiring creators.
  2. Thanks for your feedback, I'm glad you're enjoying the Notebook. That's an interesting idea. I had considered that people would want multiple copies of the same page, and that they could simply duplicate the entire file. But since I export from ID into separate sections and then merge them in Acrobat (this makes managing the fillable form fields much easier) I could just upload all the individual files.
  3. The Setting Notebook has been updated with material from the Expanded Players Guide, including a form fillable Specialization Tree. Also, the price has been changed to Pay What You Want, to make this great tool even more available.
  4. Studio 404 Games is pleased to present our first product in our "Studio Tool-Kit" line; the SETTING NOTEBOOK! Got an idea for a theme, but need some help throwing it together? The SETTING NOTEBOOK provides guidance, recommendations, and tables to help you create your desired setting. The notebook even has form-fillable sections to allow you to enter your information directly into the product! The SETTING NOTEBOOK is available now on DriveThruRPG.com. Pick it up and get creating your setting today! In addition, the notebook includes: Checklists of all published Genesys skills and talents. A table to create new archetypes which totals the XP costs for you. Space to create new skills, talents, and equipment.
  5. There is a map of Known Space that shows the current territories of the galactic nations. At it's widest point, Known Space is approximately 400 light years across. Between the nations are contested regions of various sizes and shapes. Outside all the nations is The Edge, frontiers where explorers are discovering and developing new planets. Each nation has several systems inside of it, but only 3-5 are currently highlighted in each nation. This leaves plenty of space for players and GM's to fill it with their own worlds to host their stories.
  6. Available on the Genesys Foundry. Gather your comrades and blast off to adventure in the Almacar Galaxy! Using the Genesys Roleplaying System, this sourcebook allows players to adventure through space discovering new worlds and riches, battle space pirates and raid the digital frontier, and unlock the mysteries of a newly discovered mystical power -- starcana. With an ancient threat emerging from the depths of space, the heroes of Starcana are in for a wild ride! Adventure through the Almacar galaxy as explorers, pilots, soldiers, swindlers, and even magic-using starcanists. Travel through the interstellar nations of Known Space, where the fragile peace is mere moments away from shattering. Tread carefully with the Vilithic Church, whose priests and paladins shield civilization from the notice of the Vile Gods. Raid the digital Hyper-link network, mining for lost information and dark secrets. Explore the wild frontier worlds of The Edge defending colony worlds from pirates, greedy corporations, and other threats from beyond. The Starcana Campaign Setting is a 116-page sourcebook for use with the Genesys Roleplaying System. In this book you’ll find new rules and new options for character creation, new weapons, equipment, vehicles, and adversaries, information on the Starcana Universe, and advice for gamemasters to run a campaign in the science-fantasy setting of Starcana. All rules and options presented in this book fit seamlessly with any setting using the Genesys roleplaying system. Recommendations for using rules from other Genesyssettings such as Realms of Terrinoth and Shadow of the Beanstalk are included as well. It also includes: • Eight new species gives GMs and players new options for races to use in their own sci-fi or fantasy settings. • Many of the careers presented can be brought over for a multitude of themes, from steampunk to modern, fantasy to post-apocalyptic horror, and everything in between. • New skills and talents provide more options and choices for PCs to advance their characters. • Two new item qualities are introduced; EMP (which targets an object or vehicle’s System Strain) and Forked (an attack that fans out over a wide area, striking multiple targets). • 42 pieces of equipment, 33 new weapons, 6 new armors (including unique rules for power armor) satisfy any gear-head’s equipment needs. • 19 vehicles from hoverbikes and hovertanks to frigates and fighters, including light and heavy mecha suits (called GEARs in Starcana). • Jump gate travel times, story hooks, and 30 adversaries ready to be used or re-skinned to fit your campaign’s needs. Start your adventure with the module Everything New is Old. Character sheets are also available in printable or fillable versions.
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