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  1. I known that "Death sticks" can have an effect on force users. But I think you need something more strong on force users.
  2. I was nice with my players (only one rebel was very badly injured during the fight). They came back together and everyone had to speak with the superor. One of player was force sensitive, and found out the problem when leaving. He talk about it to his leader and since the Force cannot be understood by everyone, they chose to keep this secret. The missing team explains how they respond to laser shoots from an unknown target (they were under the influence too). And the player's leader makes a "complete" situation report , but choose to hide one information : the force influence. He didn't hide the fact that they've shot first (Very dangerous with this one, but roll was pretty good). So in the end, the cave has been closed and forbidden due to hasardous gaz making people crazy. And all players need to works twice to replace their comrades (giving them an obligation). I was probably too nice, but killing a complete campaign should have been really sad. Maybe next time....
  3. I have use the Jagomir Shimmering Falls as a little Ancient Sith Sanctuary. Nothing as epic as your, but I put a little trap for my players. Maybe you can use it too. My players (allRebels) was looking for a recon rebels team that didn't came back. They suspect some space pirates (or beasts) encounters and go searching for the missing team. As they go behind the fall, they found the sanctuary and one rebels at the gate. Man is in panic (need to be put down) and was talking about many Empire's soldiers in the sanctuary. Since it's the Jagomir base form Arda1 story, my players try to locate Imperials and try their 'murderhobo'things: to protect the base. They found the Imperials (Stormtroopers and one Officier) and it was a easy win for them. And so the illusion dispels, my players have beaten the missing rebel team. I give them a lot clues but they wasn't sure about this... The Dark Force influence was working as follow "People see what they want to found". So they were looking for Imperials to kill, they have found "Imperials" to kill. It's was kind of hard to explains this to their superior after the mission.
  4. On Tatooine, the group wanted some grenade (to blow things...). After some time, they found a Jawa who sell second-hand grenades (he try to scam them). One of them want to negociate with him : success with thread and despair... And so... while handing the grenade saying "This is a second-hand grenade, I will not paid for that!" the pin just drop on the floor. The player just drop the grenade behind the counter and everyone jump on the floor. Threads for everyone and the grenade didn't blow up. At the end, the Jawa gives them first-hand grenade for half the price. And these one have blow up things with a lot of success.
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