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  1. I agree with your MSU concerns. But just wait how it really works. Maybe the pass token may be played with a disadvantage. For example you may use the token, but at the same time you are giving your opponent 20 Points for using it. Or you can use only one pass token every round. I guess the main goal is to reduce the impact that flotillas have on activations.
  2. Give me the price plz, I'm working in a printing company.
  3. And the most common sheet size in offset printing is 70x100cm. Comparing copy paper with industrial paper sheets won't work.
  4. Yeah it's because they maxed the ray shields to protect against enemy fire. It's Star Wars Tech! 💡
  5. So you think the director is creating space ships? That's silly.
  6. They have to take a double layer cardboard with a spare for the stand. Perhaps cheaper as a new plastic base.
  7. I don't know. But FFG saves money on the SSD not making a custom plastic base. To me it would be no problem to have a gap between the bases, simply take a square cardboard over the two bases and it's gone.
  8. There are 3 per Base, like on the SSD. 2 Front Arcs maybe and 2 Rear Arcs. \_|_/
  9. Plz FFG make this donut happen. Two large bases next to each other, squadron value of 6.
  10. I bet they have faction based damage decks. Thats why they don't show them in the starter pack contents. Would make sense as droids don't be affacted by crew cards thematically.
  11. You have 2x Salvo so you want LTT for more rerolls. XI7 is great but if you have Salvo rerolls are way better. Edit: A no RitR yet. So my advise, you want RitR so bad
  12. There are better options for the Turbolaser slot. XI7 or LTT (Rerolls for Salvo!) or even H9 to one shot Flotillas.
  13. It's not an error. The Starhawk is asymetrical build out of several Star Destroyers.
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