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  1. Not tried, but this could be the Rebel list for the battle of Scarif: Rebels Scarif (82/389/400) =================== MC75 Ordnance Cruiser (100 + 33: 133) + Admiral Raddus (26) + Profundity (7) Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (57) CR90 Corvette B (39 + 6: 45) + Leia Organa (3) + Tantive IV (3) Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36) GR-75 Medium Transports (18) GR-75 Medium Transports (18) Hera Syndulla (28) Dutch Vander (16) 2 x X-wing Squadron (2 x 13) Gold Squadron (12) And here the Imperial Side. There are just not enough points in a 400 Pointer game. There should be way more Ties. Imperial Scarif (23/399/400) ============================ Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (110 + 46: 156) + Darth Vader (36) + Devastator (10) Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (110) Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (110) Lambda-class Shuttle (15) Tie Fighter Squadron (8)
  2. So for me it's absolut thematical that IG88B shots in every direction with the cost of being obstructed and ignoring "Escort". He is not in a close dogfight with the escort fighter that prevents him from attacking, he is just shooting around. The "anti-squadron attack" wording seems to fit in well. Ships attack with an "anti-squadron attack"every target in fire range and arc. IG88B attacks with an "anti-squadron attack" every enemy squadron at distance 1.
  3. For me it's a good alternative to Solar Corona for some of my lists. Why? Mostly I will force the opponent to a place on the board where I want him to be. Contested Outpost and Hyperspace Migration are two similar missions to achieve this. The new missions fit in very well to several tactics and Hyperspace Migration is such a mission, where you put some pressure on the opponent (more than Solar Corona or Superior Positions does). I always struggle a bit in choosing my blue mission, now I have more options.
  4. You can play Raddus to have some fun 😎 (my postings in this thread are now visible, it took some time)
  5. Perhaps the important information is the word "anti-squadron attack", which is what ships do. Ships ignore Escort. "anti-squadron" is only mentioned in the rules when ships are attacking squads.
  6. Thats why ha makes the proposal with "a ship which is not huge". You can even handle it like Profundity with "a ship that command level ist not higher than 2".
  7. It's a search & destroy list, you gotta go first or have a huge disadvantage. I had a Raddus list with 376 bid and always want to have the choice. One more Gozanti oder 2 squads won't change the game for me. Going for 2nd player would.
  8. Haha I enjoyed our fight, too. Your nasty Demo changed the game. I don't know if the empire with their big ships really needs a surprise strategy. But as an Interdictor buff that sounds really interesting. That ship is totally out of the current meta. I didn't saw one on the german nationals.
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