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  1. I also created an SSD interdictor list, and I am wondering what your list was for just for reference... Thanks!
  2. By excess accuracy it means once you have accuracy'ed all the opponents defense tokens and still have unspent accuracy's right? Or can you choose not to spend an accuracy and get damage instead?
  3. Would you mind providing the list that you used? It sounds interesting, and I am wondering what turbolaser upgrades you equipped.
  4. Needa, HIE, and TRC sounds like an interesting combo, except that if I remember correctly, TRC can only change red die, not blue die, so you would not be able to guarantee the blue crit to activate HIE.
  5. Hi, for those of you familiar with the Star Wars canon comic series "Hope Dies", (see this link for the actual events: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Assault_on_the_Mako-Ta_Space_Docks) I created a fleet list for the rebels and empire to play out this scenario (see uploaded files). It would probably be a sector fleet battle. I tried to keep all the upgrades on the ships canon or at least legends accurate. In terms of fleet composition, the Imperials have exactly 3 ISD 2's, and 1 Executor class dreadnought. Meanwhile the Rebels canonically have at least 25 Liberty cruisers (realistically more like 3, cuz who has 25 Liberty's?), 5 MC75's (realistically more like 3, unless you have 5 MC75's), and 2 MC80 Assault Cruisers. However, for the actual scenario itself, I am struggling a bit on the rules. I am thinking of having the rebel player deploy around a space station, with Dodonna as a commander. The imperials target will be Dodonna, and once they kill him the Imps can switch objectives to destroying the space station/orbital docks. Meanwhile once the rebels lose Dodonna, they can "activate" Ackbar on a different MC80 Assault Cruiser. In addition the rebels will have their fighters disabled (raid token) inside their ships (Rapid launch bays), and will need a friendly squadron (It's actually Han Solo in the story) to fly within distance 1 of the hangers to "open" them and allow them to deploy their squads via rapid launch bays. I was also thinking of preventing the Rebels from shooting because their turbolasers are disabled in the story, but that seems a bit overkill -tell me what you think about this-... If anyone has any suggestions about the rules of the scenario, or the fleet/upgrades I would love to hear them! Thanks for reading. Assault on the Mako-Ta Space Docks (Actual Rebel Fleet).pdf Assault on the Mako-Ta Space Docks (Actual Imperial Fleet).pdf
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