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  1. Like you guys, I agree that the game is good in concept. However, I believe a few changes could help bring it back from the lull it has been on: - End the mill winning condition- Yes....you are reading it right. It's supposed to be Star Wars, not Star Mill. When people envision this game, they think of characters fighting each other in their imaginations. When you are getting milled, the game is simply not fun. One player ends up frustrated and may eventually leave. If all your opponents leave, who do you get to play with? Also, if you are the mill player, you are the one getting angry when your opponent takes 50 years to plan his next move, making you lose because the time expires. No fun for anyone. While I agree that its in the rules, it should not be. - Make the card a LCG or end the "loot box" pack mechanic - Yep. Another crazy suggestion. But please hear me out. Going along the lines of the CCG, I understand that some cards are harder to get than others. However, when you are starting out with your "starter deck" package, you should expect your deck to at least stand a slim chance of winning. But no! Here comes your opponent with his with his deck filled with nothing but legendary cards. Before you even get a turn, your opponent has activated all his characters, rerolled his dice 10 times and dealt 40 damage. Yes, I'm exaggerating but that's what it feels like these days. Part of this is due to the awful card design (Order 66 anyone), I know. But then when you ask your opponent how he got them, his answer is: "I just opened 1,000 packs the other day along with 100 booster boxes." In other words, it feels like a "pay to win" game. If you have the money, your chances of winning skyrocket. Yes, you can win with skill, but the odds are stacked against you. If you eliminate the "loot box" mechanic behind the booster packs, then we will really see who can win based on skill. I know you can trade cards, but I'm sticking to my point.... - Bring on new ways to win - The upcoming Covert Ops expansion is going along this suggestion. We need something to make the game fresh again. The other day, I took a look at the NOVA championships options for Destiny and X-Wing. For Destiny you have your typical standard, draft, etc. But for X-Wing, they went into new avenues. An X-Wing Hunger Games???? You could even team up with random people and play as a team with the winner being the individual who scores the most wins with whomever he is teamed up with. Where is that originality in Destiny???? There HAS to be more cool ways to play this game. My hope is that Covert Ops is the start of something new.... I know people will have strong feelings against my recommendations above. But it's just a few thoughts to ponder on. A quick shout out to my buds over at Rochester NY. I miss you guys. There is a strong Destiny community there. If you are passing by there, be sure to check them out.
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